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The President of Lebanon accused Israel of instability on southern borders

The aggressive actions taken by Israel on the border with Lebanon on Monday, threatening stability in the region, said the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun at a meeting of the Supreme Council for national security.

On Monday, the media reported about the "incident" in the area of Shebaa farms on the Lebanese-Israeli border. After a reported clash with a firearm. Eyewitnesses told RIA Novosti about the shelling by Israel of a settlement Kafarshuba in southern Lebanon. The Hezbollah declared involvement in the clashes on the southern borders, noting that the fire was only one party - Israel.

The Israeli foreign Ministry said the need to increase the effectiveness of UNIFIL in Lebanon

Israel is in favour of extending the mission of the United Nations interim force in southern Lebanon, but believes that the mandate of peacekeepers must be extended to be more effective, said Wednesday in an online briefing the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel Lior Hayat.

"Israel supports the extension of UNIFIL's mandate, but we believe it is necessary qualitative changes in terms of how the UN and the Security Council enforces the mandate, which receives UNIFIL under resolution 1701 to enable them to effectively perform tasks in southern Lebanon. We appreciate that the countries that send peacekeepers to a mission of striving to maintain peace on the border is our priority, too. But if they (the peacekeepers - ed.) will not be able to work effectively in southern Lebanon, including the ability to go to those places, which according to our data uses Hezbollah to store their stockpiles, if they will not be able to be there, it means that they will not do everything possible to maintain peace on the border," the diplomat said.

Safronkov discussed the middle East with representatives of the EU and the UN

Special representative of foreign Minister for middle East settlement Vladimir Safronkov discussed with the representatives of Israel, Switzerland, the EU and the UN the way the negotiating process between the Palestinians and the Israelis, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Safronkov July 15, held a telephone conversation with the Director General of the Israeli foreign Ministry Alon Ushpizim, special envoy of the foreign Ministry of Switzerland, BOM Roland Steininger, EU special representative for the middle East peace process Suzanne Terstall and facilitator UN middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov.

Macron called on Netanyahu to refrain from measures for the annexation of the West Bank

The President of France Emmanuel macron in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday urged to refrain from taking any action for annexation of the Palestinian territories, said on Friday the elysée Palace.

Macron also recalled the unwavering commitment of France to the security of Israel and its determination to reduce tensions in the middle East. "He expressed his attachment to the friendship and trust that bind France and Israel", - said in a communiqué.

Borrell warned of the consequences of the annexation of the West Bank for Israel

The possible annexation by Israel of Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river will negatively affect its relations with the European Union, warned EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"As a person, personally associated with the region, I have emphasized in private conversations with Israeli leaders and publicly that the annexation will jeopardize the good cooperation with Israel. We exactly do not want," wrote Borrell in his blog on the page of the foreign service of the EU. According to him, now on the contrary there is a possibility for closer cooperation between the EU and Israel in the interests of achieving stability in the middle East. "But we cannot and will not accept changes to the borders that existed before 1967, unless it is agreed by both parties to the conflict," said Borrell.

In Israel, stated that the annexation of the West Bank in the coming days will not be

The application of Israeli sovereignty in parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river are scheduled over the coming days, said the foreign Minister of Israel Gabi Ashkenazi in an interview with radio Kan.

"It is not included in the agenda for today or tomorrow," said Ashkenazi in response to a reporter's question.