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Hearing in the cases of Netanyahu will take place on 6 December

The next meeting of the Affairs of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu will take place on 6 December, according to radio station "Galei the IDF".

The first meeting in the Jerusalem district court, where the defendants were accused in cases of corruption and betrayal of public trust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was held at the end of may, the second in July. At the end of the July meeting it was agreed that the next hearing will take place in early 2021, in a week will be held three meetings.

The Minister of defence of Israel has instructed the army to maintain combat readiness on the border

The Israeli defense Minister benny Gantz after meeting nachgenshtaba army Aviv Kohavi, Director of military intelligence tamira Heyman and other senior military officials instructed the army to maintain a high alert along the Northern border, reported the press service of the Ghanaian.

"Gantz instructed the IDF to maintain high combat readiness in the area and to use all necessary means, emphasizing that Israel will not tolerate violations of its sovereignty. He said that the IDF and all the security service will respond to any threat to Israeli citizens", - the press-service of the Minister of defence.

The chief of staff of the army of Israel placed in quarantine

The chief of staff of the IDF, Aviv Kohavi quarantined after contact with the officer who caught COVID-19, the press service of the Israeli army.

"The chief of staff a week ago I was contacted by an IDF officer who received a positive result today at COVID-19. In light of this, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of health, chief of staff and other officers will be quarantined. The chief of staff will be isolated and work in accordance with the normal schedule to the extent possible", - stated in the message a press-services of the army, published on the official Twitter page.

The Israeli air force attacked targets Hamas in southern Gaza

Israeli jets bombed Hamas targets in the southern part of the Gaza strip in response to the shelling, said the press service of the army.

It is reported that the strike was the Studio involved in the production of missiles, and an arms factory owned by Hamas.

Israel can postpone the annexation of the West Bank

The spread of Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river can be postponed for a few days or weeks, results radio Gaala the IDF of the words of the Minister of higher education and water resources Zeev Elkin.

Monday, may 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the spread of Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river will occur in July, and intentions to change this date no.