Latest News - #The Irtysh (river)

In the Omsk region the teenager drowned in the river saving the two girls

A teenager in the Omsk region was drowned in the Irtysh river once saved two 17-year-old girls, told the media to SUCK in the Omsk region.

According to preliminary data, 15-year-old friends on Tuesday, 14 July at 18:00 local time bathing in the Irtysh river in the village of cherlak in the Omsk region.

In Omsk, on the river om found spots of oil products

The Ministry of natural resources of the Omsk region reported that water samples from the river discovered the om content of oil, began an administrative investigation, told reporters on Saturday in a press-service of the government of Omsk region.

The message about oily spots on the river Omi appeared in the community "Emergency Omsk" Vkontake. The Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Omsk region reported that information about the appearance of oily spots received 26 June at 20:20.