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"Ready to strangle Europe." The security Council of Russia spoke about U.S. policy

USA on the background of the pandemic ready to strangle the European countries for their interests, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council Aleksandr Venediktov.

In his words, Europe follows American orders.

Treaty between the USSR and the USA on the elimination of INF

Treaty between the USSR and the USA on the elimination of their intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) was signed on 8 December 1987 in Washington, DC (USA), General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

The Treaty entered into force on 1 June 1988, and prior to the termination of its action on 2 August 2019 as a result of unilateral withdrawal from the United States was of a permanent character.

Cannon retorted to the demand the US to stop development of missiles

. Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on Twitter the words of the special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley, who said that Russia needs to abandon the development and introduction of new types of missiles with a nuclear engine, calling them "flying Chernobyl".

"And the latest US nuclear missiles, which will replace all ICBM "Minuteman", it's a humane weapon, or "angels from heaven"? Note Billingsley: this is the weapon of "doomsday" — outraged the MP.

The expert commented on the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty

US withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) gave himself a free hand against China and the deployment of missiles in Asia, according to the Deputy Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies, faculty of world economy and international Affairs NRU HSE, member of the RIAC (Russian international Affairs Council) Dmitry Suslov.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin said that Russia does not consider China's activities in the missile field as a security threat and reason for the destruction of the INF Treaty. Also, according to him, the statements of former adviser to the US President for homeland security John Bolton on the increasing threats from China are commonplace misrepresentation of the facts.