Latest News - #The Greek Parliament

In Athens, riots took place because of the draft restrictions of the rallies

Riots took place in front of the Greek Parliament in Central Athens during the discussion of the bill on the limitation of meetings, reports of the Greek public television ERT.

It is noted that near Syntagma square a group of about 150 people began throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles, police responded with tear gas. The riots continued for about 15 minutes.

Greek politician believes that Putin's article applies not only to historians

The article of President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the Second world war raises important questions regarding not only historians, but all citizens, especially at a time in Europe trying to forget that they together fought with Hitler against the Soviet Union, and strengthen the anti-Russian policy, said RIA Novosti former member of the European Parliament, Professor, University of Crete, NOTIS Marias.

At the University he teaches the institutional setting of the European Union, Marias is also the President of the party "Greece – the other way."

In Rhodes, the child lost consciousness due to hunger

A nine year old girl lost consciousness in a bakery on the island of Rhodes in Greece due to hunger when waiting for mother and the bread, said channel Open.

The incident sparked a wave of sympathy and concern across the country.