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In the Bundestag proposed a response to threats to the "Nord stream — 2"

The political response of Germany to the threat of sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" should contain three points: the need of the project, commitment to the interests of the German and European economy and partnership with Russia, told RIA Novosti the head of the German-Russian group in the Bundestag, a Deputy from the party "Alternative for Germany" Robbie Slung.

"The political response must be clear: Yes - the "Nord stream — 2", but the interests of the German and European economy, and Yes - a comprehensive Eastern partnership on mutually beneficial terms, from Dublin to Vladivostok. I personally wish Ms. Merkel and Mr. Maas has shown more courage and creativity in the interests of Germany, and to economic blackmail, no matter where it comes, was explicitly rejected. Most of our people here in Germany, waiting for it," said Slund.

Germany urged to respond to U.S. sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2"

Attempt by Berlin to negotiate with the United States on the "Nord stream — 2" through diplomacy, without the imposition of counter-sanctions leads to surrender of sovereignty to Germany and Europe, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the "Alternative for Germany" in the Bundestag on energy Steffen Cotterêts.

"I am, despite all, was confident that the project will be completed - Russia has always found ways to cope with difficulties. The question is how broad is the support of the German government and the EU. I see problems here. The government and the Chancellor reiterated that they do not want to take counter measures that they want to stay in the negotiations. I believe that a surrender of sovereignty, to immediately begin to threaten counter-measures, for example, refuse to purchase U.S. LNG, the introduction of customs duties and various sanctions. You might think about to take sanctions against the initiators (US sanctions)," said KOTRA.

Germany took note of the U.S. decision to withdraw 12 thousand troops

The German government has taken note of the U.S. decision to withdraw 12 thousand troops, will coordinate this work with affected Federal States of Germany, the U.S. government and within NATO.

This is stated in the published on Wednesday the press service of the government of Germany joint statement, the German foreign Ministry, the defense Ministry of Germany, the German Bundestag and the Prime Ministers of the Federal States of Germany.

In Germany, spoke about possible sanctions for the smuggling of weapons in Libya

Possible sanctions for violation of the arms embargo in Libya to be taken by the European Union in the framework of the existing sanctions regime on the Libyan conflict and will be aimed at individuals and businesses involved in the supply of weapons, said the representative of the German foreign Ministry Christopher Burger.

In mid-July, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy said it was ready to consider new sanctions for violation of the arms embargo in Libya.

"Confused NATO with the trade." Why Russia does not want the "Big seven"

Washington and Berlin are arguing whether or not to invite to the next summit "the Big seven" Moscow. Donald trump would like to see at the talks of Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas points to the impossibility of communication with the Russian leader over Ukraine. The Kremlin answer is that he did not aim at G7 and would prefer a meeting "nuclear five", the five permanent members of the UN security Council. About which scenario is most likely — in the material RIA Novosti.

The Federal Republic of Germany and the USA celebrate this year's 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The Union of Washington and Berlin is a guarantee of Euro-Atlantic security. But the jubilee could be overshadowed.

Pushkov praised the words of the head of the German foreign Ministry about Russia's participation in the G7

Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the words of the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, who spoke against the return of Russia to the G7 because of the unresolved Ukrainian question.

According to Pushkov, the statement of the Meuse is assessed not as a response to Moscow, and as a response to US President Donald Trump. The Senator noted that this topic is the subject of "internal discussions the Western allies", as Russia in the G7 aims.

Germany called for the establishment of the post of UN special envoy for climate

Germany calls on UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres as soon as possible to establish the post of special representative on climate and security, said at a meeting of the UN security Council, foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

"It's time to make the issue of climate and security look. We encourage the Secretary-General to appoint a special representative on climate and security as soon as possible," said Maas, noting that climate change is a threat to peace and security.

Germany has prepared a list within cyberbanking mechanism of the EU

The list of Russian citizens and legal entities within cyberbanking mechanism the EU is willing, said at the briefing, the representative of the German foreign Ministry Christopher Burger.

"We have made a list of Russian citizens and legal entities within cyberbanking instruments of the EU, actively taking further steps within the EU associated with the other 26 member States," said Burger, adding that it is unable to report yet on the interim results of this work.

Maas called for the cessation of drilling operations Turkey in the EEZ of Cyprus

Germany believes that Turkey must cease drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus and not to start similar work in close proximity to the Greek Islands, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas after talks in Athens with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias.

Turkey was one of the main issues of the meeting. Greece at all levels raises the question of Turkey's plans to start drilling near Crete and on the ongoing work near Cyprus.

Maas said that Russia needs Europe

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas stated that Europe needs Russia, it is necessary to communicate, but to follow clear principles.

"The relationship with Russia means not only sanctions and their extension. Europe needs Russia, for example, to resolve various conflicts, such as those occurring now in Syria and Libya. We should talk to them, but should follow clear principles," - said Monday the Meuse at a press conference in Tallinn after meeting with the foreign Ministers of the Baltic States. The broadcast was carried out in Facebook, the Estonian foreign Ministry.

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