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Zelensky discussed with Lukashenko extradition of the detained Russians

The presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, Vladimir Zelensky and Alexander Lukashenko discussed during a telephone conversation the question of extradition of the detained in Minsk Russians. Relevant information distributed by the office of the Ukrainian leader.

Zelensky expressed hope that the detained Russians will give the official Kiev. The head of state expressed confidence that the detainee "will not be able to avoid just punishment."

The Ministry of Finance has proposed to reduce spending on the state Duma and the Federation Council

The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed 2021-2023 years to reduce the costs of the state Duma and the Federation Council to 1.9 billion rubles.

This is stated in the document "Methodology of calculation of the maximum baseline budget appropriations of the Federal budget on state programs of the Russian Federation and non-programme activities".

Pushkov said about the involvement of Belarus in the game against Russia

Belarus starting to openly lure in "the game against Russia", said the head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media Alexei Pushkov in his telegram channel.

So the Senator commented on the portal Ukraine.ru on the telephone conversation between foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Belarus Dmitry Kuleba and Vladimir Makei, respectively. It is noted that Makei was invited as guest of honor at a meeting of the foreign Ministers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

Pushkov praised trump's offer to postpone the election in the United States

. Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov commented on the proposal by Donald trump to defer elections of the President of the United States at a later date.

"Trump started thinking about the possibility of postponing the elections because of COVID-19, as "universal voting by mail will make them the inaccurate and fraudulent in U.S. history," wrote the MP on Twitter.

In the Scenarios I hope that the relations of Moscow and Minsk will not deteriorate

The first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabbarov expressed his hope that relations between Moscow and Minsk will not deteriorate because of the situation with the detention of Russians in Minsk.

The Belarusian state Agency BelTA reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies that, under the Minsk detained "32 militants, the foreign private company Wagner", another was arrested in the South of the country. All of them, according to the Agency, the Russians. Thus, according to the report, earlier information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign." The Chairman of the KGB of Belarus Valery Vakulchik said that the detained in Minsk Russians were in the private military company "Wagner".

In Russia, commented on the detention of "insurgents PMC" in Belarus

Russian politicians and experts commented on the arrest of 33 "militants PMC" in Belarus. Parliamentarians indicate that Moscow is not interested in any provocations on the territory of the Union state. The key statement in the material RIA Novosti.

Earlier it became known that last night law enforcement officers of Belarus detained "32 militants PMC" near Minsk and one in the South of the country. According to local media reports, all the detained Russians who arrived in the country on the night of July 25. It is reported that at first they lived in a hotel, and after a few days moved to a sanatorium. In Belarusian mass media there have also been allegations that earlier arrived in the country ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign."

In the Federation Council commented on the possible installation of alcolocks on a new car

The idea of installing alcolocks on cars requires consideration: in the case of new machinery it is quite possible, on the already used cars have issues, also first need to Refine the technology and security measures, said the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Valery Vasiliev.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation until the end of the year plans to develop the concept of mass adoption in Russia alcolocks devices lock the ignition in the detection of alcohol vapor in exhalation of the driver, the Agency will examine the question of how to encourage automakers to install the devices in cars, the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the minutes of the meeting in the Ministry.

"Confused NATO with the trade." Why Russia does not want the "Big seven"

Washington and Berlin are arguing whether or not to invite to the next summit "the Big seven" Moscow. Donald trump would like to see at the talks of Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas points to the impossibility of communication with the Russian leader over Ukraine. The Kremlin answer is that he did not aim at G7 and would prefer a meeting "nuclear five", the five permanent members of the UN security Council. About which scenario is most likely — in the material RIA Novosti.

The Federal Republic of Germany and the USA celebrate this year's 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The Union of Washington and Berlin is a guarantee of Euro-Atlantic security. But the jubilee could be overshadowed.

In the Federation Council appreciated the statement of the European Union's militarization of the Crimea

The Senator from the Crimean region, a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Sergei Tsekov called primitive charges of the European Union on Russia of militarization of the Crimea.

The European Union had earlier issued a statement that the construction of amphibious ships in the Kerch evidence of "militarization" of the Crimea and has a negative impact on regional security in the Black sea.

The Federation Council asked the Prosecutor General to understand the causes of the accident in Norilsk

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko asked the Prosecutor General to deal with the causes of the accident in Norilsk, an official letter the Senator sent to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov.

The document notes that as a result of environmental disaster on 29 may in Norilsk "was a violation of the constitutional rights of local residents, caused irreparable damage to territories of traditional nature use and traditional resources of livelihood of the indigenous minorities of the North, their traditional way of life."

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