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The expert explained how at the age of 16 to register self-employed

Teenagers to register as self-employed from the age of 16 will have to obtain parental consent or to seek full emancipation, told RIA Novosti expert of the National center for financial literacy Natalia Shumakova.

According to her, if in case of a written agreement responsibility for the actions of teenagers are parents, then emancipation, the teenager is endowed with all the rights and obligations, and shall bear personal responsibility under all obligations. "Emancipation is the recognition of the minor's full legal capacity before 18 years if he carries out activities under an employment contract or entrepreneurial activity with the consent of the parents. The procedure is done by decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship within 10 days to a month," - said the expert.

FTS said, who are often registered as self-employed

The special regime for self-employed – tax on professional income the most popular among taxi drivers, builders, consultants, couriers, as well as among citizens who rent housing, told RIA Novosti the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia.

This tax regime allows citizens to install on the smartphone mobile application "my tax" and to legalize their activities as self employed without the need of personal visit to the tax office, or the filing of any statements.

In 53 Russian regions will earn the tax regime for self-employed

All Russian regions from July 1, acquired the right to enter on its territory a special regime for self-employed - tax on professional income, and this month to install the smartphone app "My tax" and to the official status of self-employed people from 53 subjects of the Federation, told RIA Novosti the Federal tax service.

"The experimental introduction of special tax regime "Tax on professional income" expands its geography. The regions are granted the right to decide the question of accession to the experiment", - said the Agency.

The EAO has submitted more than 1.2 thousand applications for tax benefits from COVID-19

More than 1.2 thousand applications on granting of tax benefits received from entrepreneurs and companies of the Jewish Autonomous region on the background of the pandemic, said in an interview with RIA Novosti acting Governor of the region Rostislav Goldstein.

According to him, the region has taken the decision to reduce tax rates and delays in rent for six months. Simplified taxation scheme can use about 2 thousand companies. More than 400 organizations reduced rates of tax. The deferred rent will receive 20 companies using the state property of the region. Reduced rate of the unified agricultural tax will be able to use 334 of the recipient.

FNS has returned to self-employed 1.3 billion rubles in taxes in 2019

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia has listed the self-employed 1.3 billion rubles paid for 2019 taxes, said the Minister Daniil Egorov.

"We first started the payout for taxes paid in 2019. The total amount of taxes paid in 2019, is 1.5 billion rubles. We have listed 1.3 billion," - said Egorov at the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation for implementation of the adopted measures to support the economy and social sphere.

FNS has launched a new service for the victim of the coronavirus business

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia has launched a service that will help entrepreneurs in the INN to receive information on available tax incentives, the service is earned on the Agency's website.

On the service page was enough to enter the organization or individual entrepreneur to choose the applicable taxpayer tax system. After that, the screen will display information on the possibility of application of the zero rate of insurance contributions, as well as on taxes and fees that the taxpayer has the right not to pay.

FNS explained the procedure for the use of the tax bonus for self-employed

Tax bonus for self-employed, you will have to pay tax on professional income, a transfer to a Bank card or pay expense other taxes will not work, warns the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia.

All payers of the tax on professional income tax provided additional capital – the so-called tax bonus in the amount of one minimum wage (12 130 rubles). Self-employed will be able to use it from July until the end of 2020.

Head FNS has opposed the criminalization of "gray" wages

The head of the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia Daniil Egorov opposed the introduction of criminal liability for paying "gray" salaries.

Criminal penalties the managers and owners of the enterprises for paying salaries "in envelope" in late may, was proposed by the head of the budget Committee of the Federation Council Anatoly Artamonov.

Head FNS has told, under what conditions it is possible to cancel income tax for the poor

The head of the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia Daniil Egorov made the abolition of income tax for the poorest citizens, but only if the budget system of the Russian Federation will remain balanced.

"If we talk about non-taxable minimum, it is necessary to proceed from the possibilities," said Egorov in the program Vladimir Pozner, answering the question of the abolition of personal income tax for citizens, whose incomes do not exceed the subsistence minimum. He recalled that income tax revenues replenish the budgets of the regions. "If we can afford this model of taxation is, of course, it would be nice. But the question is - can we afford it. It is necessary to proceed still from a balanced behavior," he said.

The Federation Council approved the law on support of the self-employed

The Federation Council on Tuesday approved the law on expansion to self-employed people paying a tax on professional income (NAPs), individual measures of support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This is primarily related to financial, property, informational, consulting, educational support, and support provided by "SME Corporation" and its subsidiaries. Regional and local authorities will have the right to provide other forms of support through their budgets.

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