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Media: FNS will no longer accept declarations arithmetic mistakes

Tax returns that contain math errors, will be considered to be invalid, and the deadline for the correction of errors will be reduced to five days, writes on Thursday the newspaper "Vedomosti" with reference to amendments to the tax code.

"Tax lawyers, familiar with the document, shocked by this proposal," - says the publication.

Mishustin believe in the prospects of the tax regime for self-employed

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that he believes in the prospects of the tax regime for self-employed.

According to him, this mode minimizes the communication business with the state and allows you to ignore the regulatory authorities.

In Russia for the first time decreased the number of one-day firms

The number of one-day firms in Russia in 2019 for the first time dropped to 120 thousand organizations, according to the annual report of the Federal financial monitoring service.

"The interaction with the FTS of Russia, the Bank of Russia and other participants of the AML / CFT system has led to a reduction in the number of "one-day firms". Their number decreased for the first time to 120 thousand organizations", - the document says.

In the state Duma proposed to toughen reporting on foreign accounts

The state Duma Committee on financial markets prepared for the second reading a bill that requires residents of the Russian Federation to submit to the Federal tax service reports the movement of any financial assets in the accounts abroad. For consideration by the Duma of the document will be submitted on 21 July, reported RIA Novosti on the Committee.

Version of the first reading allowed to credit to the accounts of representative offices and branches of Russian companies abroad received from non-residents insurance payments, payments under the contract of purchase and sale of vehicles and property, a refund for defective goods or services, and also returned the security Deposit under the lease. In addition, Russian transport companies have been allowed not to return foreign currency earnings in Russia when offsetting with non-residents if the transactions between them are carried out according to the rules of international transportation.

FNS has launched a service for grants for prevention COVID-19

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia has launched for business from the affected industries and social NGOs services for grants for prevention COVID-19, said the Minister.

"From July 15, organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the affected industries, as well as socially oriented non-profit organizations that meet certain conditions can apply for a grant for prevention COVID-19", - stated in the message.

SP Rosstat pointed to the flaws in calculating the share of tech companies

The chamber has pointed out the shortcomings of the methodology of Rosstat for calculating the share of technology-based enterprises in Russia, which is necessary for implementation of the may decree of President Vladimir Putin, Rosstat promised to fix them, according to a press release from the controlling Agency.

According to the decree, the share of those technological innovations of companies by 2024 must be 50%. "However, the current approach of calculating the indicator according to the specific weight that applies Rosstat does not allow to evaluate the real share of high - tech enterprises", - stated in the message.

The expert explained how at the age of 16 to register self-employed

Teenagers to register as self-employed from the age of 16 will have to obtain parental consent or to seek full emancipation, told RIA Novosti expert of the National center for financial literacy Natalia Shumakova.

According to her, if in case of a written agreement responsibility for the actions of teenagers are parents, then emancipation, the teenager is endowed with all the rights and obligations, and shall bear personal responsibility under all obligations. "Emancipation is the recognition of the minor's full legal capacity before 18 years if he carries out activities under an employment contract or entrepreneurial activity with the consent of the parents. The procedure is done by decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship within 10 days to a month," - said the expert.

FTS said, who are often registered as self-employed

The special regime for self-employed – tax on professional income the most popular among taxi drivers, builders, consultants, couriers, as well as among citizens who rent housing, told RIA Novosti the Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia.

This tax regime allows citizens to install on the smartphone mobile application "my tax" and to legalize their activities as self employed without the need of personal visit to the tax office, or the filing of any statements.

In 53 Russian regions will earn the tax regime for self-employed

All Russian regions from July 1, acquired the right to enter on its territory a special regime for self-employed - tax on professional income, and this month to install the smartphone app "My tax" and to the official status of self-employed people from 53 subjects of the Federation, told RIA Novosti the Federal tax service.

"The experimental introduction of special tax regime "Tax on professional income" expands its geography. The regions are granted the right to decide the question of accession to the experiment", - said the Agency.

The EAO has submitted more than 1.2 thousand applications for tax benefits from COVID-19

More than 1.2 thousand applications on granting of tax benefits received from entrepreneurs and companies of the Jewish Autonomous region on the background of the pandemic, said in an interview with RIA Novosti acting Governor of the region Rostislav Goldstein.

According to him, the region has taken the decision to reduce tax rates and delays in rent for six months. Simplified taxation scheme can use about 2 thousand companies. More than 400 organizations reduced rates of tax. The deferred rent will receive 20 companies using the state property of the region. Reduced rate of the unified agricultural tax will be able to use 334 of the recipient.

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