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"The vampire squid" has sounded the alarm: the dollar is waiting for the deprivation of the status of world currency

A large us Bank, known for its political influence and the fact that dozens of senior officials in various countries of the world are his former employees, made a shocking statement: the status of the dollar as the main world currency can come to an end.

Goldman Sachs is widely known in financial circles a structure, which manages assets in one trillion dollars, is highly respected on wall street, supplying conveyor method of their former employees in high positions in the Ministry of Finance of the USA, and also holds a dubious distinction — corporate moniker of "vampire Squid" (Vampire squid) which stuck to the jar with a light hand investigative journalist Matt Taibbi after the 2008 crisis. "The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it everywhere. The world's most powerful investment Bank is a huge vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly stickiwi its bloody funnel into everything that smells like money" — he wrote in the expanded investigation, published in the magazine the Rolling Stone in 2010. And since this description is haunting authoritative American financial structure.

Experts told whether to expect the Euro to $ 90

The Euro a few overheated, and while we should not expect its strengthening in the area of $ 90, believe polled by RIA Novosti experts.

The Euro on Monday updated its maximum since April, rising to 84.48 ruble. On Forex the European currency highs from September 2018 and has already been raised earlier in the week to 1,1764 dollar.

Experts have told how the CBA affects the carry trade and the exchange rate

Active reduction of the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in recent time reduces the flow of funds in ruble-denominated financial instruments in the framework of the carry trade, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts. Among other things, this puts pressure on the ruble, the experts believe.

Carry trade is the investment strategy of gaining profit on the Forex market due to different interest rate. In particular, it could be sale of currency (dollars, Euro, on which the fed and the ECB keeps rates near zero) and the purchase of these funds for ruble-denominated financial instruments that are profitable. Such actions of investors lead to higher supply of foreign currency on the Russian market and, accordingly, to the strengthening of the ruble.

The fed discussed the possibility of a second wave COVID-19

Members of the Committee on open markets FRS of the USA has considered the use of mechanisms to limit the yield, and also assessed as a possible pessimistic scenario of the second wave of the coronavirus, should be published on Tuesday, the minutes of the meeting 9-10 June.

During the meeting they discussed the limitation of the yield mechanism that was used by the fed during and after the Second world war and which is already used by the Bank of Japan and Reserve Bank of Australia. According to the participants, such an approach can control the government bond yield and may not require major purchases by the Central Bank of government securities, although under certain circumstances this need may emerge.

Trump said that US GDP in the third quarter will be the highest in history

The US President Donald trump said that the country's GDP in the third quarter of 2020 will be the highest in the history of mankind.

"We are climbing higher and higher every month. In the third quarter is expected to the highest GDP in the history of mankind," - said trump in an interview with the Washington Times.

World oil prices have moved to increase

Oil prices on Friday afternoon moved to growth after the fall on Thursday at 7-8% due to concerns over demand for raw materials and global volatility that gripped the markets, according to the auction.

As at 13.11 GMT the price of August futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent have grown on 1,01%, to 38,94 USD per barrel

Oil prices accelerated the rate of decline

Oil prices accelerated the rate of decline after the closure of the stock markets of Europe, oil prices are losing connection with the publication of new macroeconomic forecasts of the Federal reserve system (FRS), according to the auction.

As of 19.30 Moscow time the price of August futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent fell by 8.65% to 38,12 dollars per barrel

The head fed did not rule out that the bottom of the crisis passed

The head of the fed Jerome Powell at a press conference following the meeting of the governing Council of the regulator has not ruled out that the bottom of the economic crisis passed.

"Is it possible that we have passed the bottom? Possible. Is it possible that we started from the bottom on unemployment? If you look at the indicators may possibly. But to say for sure, we need more numbers," said Powell.

Experts explain why the dollar became the main reserve currency in the world

Dollar 235th birthday which falls on June 6, over time became the main reserve currency in the world. Could the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, who proposed to establish the dollar as the official monetary unit of the United States, to dream that the American currency will dominate the international financial system?

RIA Novosti interviewed experts, in analyzing the strength of the us currency and can digital currency be alternative.