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Rostec presented a new screening system on the basis of KAMAZ

Rostec presented to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation and Federal customs service new individual screening complex (IDK) on the chassis of KAMAZ, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The event was attended by the CEO of Rodeja Sergey Chemezov, Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich and Director of the FCS Vladimir Bulavin. During the presentation, rostec and the Ministry of transport signed a cooperation agreement.

The trade representative talked about trade between Russia and Germany

Trade between Russia and Germany loses around 20 billion US dollars annually from the EU sanctions, said RIA Novosti trade representative of the Russian Federation in Germany Andrey Sobolev, commenting on the statement of the Eastern Committee of German economy.

Earlier Thursday, the Eastern Committee, which brings together German companies in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, made a statement in connection with U.S. threats to impose sanctions against the project "Nord stream 2". Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the state Department published recommendations in the framework of the law on counteraction to Russia through sanctions, including the document "Nord stream 2" and second thread "Turkish stream." These actions put at risk the us sanctions on investments and other actions associated with the Russian export gas pipelines.

The Federation Council approved the law on electronic document management for tax free

The Federation Council at session on Wednesday approved the law on the organization of electronic documents between participants of the system tax free.

The document allows the stores to compensate for the VAT to form a cheque in the electronic form at sale of goods to a foreign citizen within one day in the amount of not less than 10 thousand rubles. This provides for the possibility of organizing electronic document circulation between all participants of the system tax free. The law should enter into force on 1 January 2021, but not earlier than one month after its official publication.

The expert assessed the change in the rules of export of gold

A sharp drop in gas demand was the reason that Russia's revenues from exports of gold exceeded the revenue from gas, also contributed to this change in April of the rules of the export of gold abroad, said RIA Novosti head of the analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev.

The export of gold from Russia in the second quarter of 2020 exceeded in monetary terms, the exports of pipeline gas, from the data of the Federal customs service and the Central Bank. According to the FCS, in April-may, Russian companies exported gold by 3.55 billion, and income from the export of pipeline gas, a monopoly which has "Gazprom" amounted to $ 2.4 billion. And according to the Central Bank, in General, for the second quarter of exported gas for $ 3.5 billion.

Russia's revenues from exports of gold exceeded the proceeds from the sale of gas

Russia's revenues from gold exports for the first time exceeded revenue from the sale of gas, from the data of the Federal customs service and the Central Bank.

So, for April and may, Russian companies have sold abroad to 65.4 tonnes of gold in the amount of 3.55 billion dollars.

Customs stopped the illegal export of steel nuclear submarines in China

The Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia jointly with the FSB detained over 100 tons of scrap metals recycled nuclear submarine when I try to export to China, according to the Agency.

"106 tons of scrap metals recycled nuclear submarine was detained by the staff of the far Eastern operative customs and border Department of the FSB of Russia for the Primorye territory when it attempts to export to China without a license", - stated in the message of the FCS.

The chamber has made a rating of the authorities on the competitiveness of the procurement

Russia's audit chamber assessed the level of competition in public procurement Federal government from 2014 to 2019, the leader of the rating by the number of participants was the Ministry of education, and the amounts of competitive procurement - Federal protection service (FSO) of the Russian Federation, stated in the materials published on the portal of the controlling Agency "government Spending".

It is noted that in the preparation of the rating analysts used the data of procurement with a positive difference between the initial maximum price and the total price of the contract. Also considered the procurement processes in which specialists have identified competitions, in which participated more than four applicants. The analysis was conducted for each of the Federal body of Executive power in the regions of the country.

Russia created a Commission to fight money laundering

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, according to which formed the interdepartmental Commission on acceptance by Russia of measures on the results of the fourth round of mutual evaluations of the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF), the document published on the official portal of legal information.

"To form the interdepartmental Commission on adoption of the Russian Federation of measures on the results of the fourth round of mutual evaluations of the Group of development of financial measures of fight against money laundering, laid out its functions to ensure collaboration of agencies and organizations, which includes representatives of the interdepartmental Commission, and the coordination of their activities", — the document says.

RBC: Russia's problems began with delivery of parcels from abroad

. Services clients Express delivery complained of the delay of foreign shipments, according to RBC.

Some consumers are unable to receive orders from 18 may 2020, follows from the review on the official page of Boxberry in the social network "Vkontakte".

The chamber has found shortcomings in the implementation of customs operations

Risk management system (RMS) in customs bodies of the Russian Federation aims to accelerate and simplify the passage of goods across the border, however, the implementation of the current system does not achieve these goals, the report of the accounting chamber on the audit.

It found signs of unreliable statements of information about the goods 1 461 Declaration. And through all of them in the Moscow oblast and Tver customs has applied various risk profiles, and the goods were released without identifying violations. "There were established violations of the customs legislation amounting to more than 90 million rubles, which is the loss of the Federal budget", - said the auditor Andrey Baturkin.

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