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The judge asked to reconsider the decision to close the case Flynn

The judge in the case of former adviser to Donald trump, Michael Flynn asks appeals court to reconsider the decision to close the case, according to court documents.

Earlier, the court of appeal by a majority of two votes against one ordered the judge to dismiss the case, citing the relevant decision of the Ministry of justice. However, judge Emmet Sullivan, who has in the past threatened Flynn with jail, asked an expanded panel of the court of appeal to reconsider this decision.

The American pleaded guilty to illegal possession of intelligence

A US resident pleaded guilty to illegal possession of secret information to national security Agency U.S. (NSA) and the kidnapping of a child, according to the U.S. Department of justice.

It is noted that 47-year-old Elizabeth Jo Shirley, a resident of West Virginia, pleaded guilty on two counts in the indictment: "the intentional storage of information on national defence" and "international child abduction by one parent".

In the United States has arrested more than 100 people for defacing Federal property

US authorities detained more than 100 people for participating in riots and causing damage to Federal property, reported on Monday the press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makineni.

"The justice Department detained more than one hundred anarchists for the riots and destruction of Federal property. The Ministry of justice also filed charges in Federal court of four men for attempting to throw off the pedestal the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette square," she said.

The expert commented on the fakes about Russia and Afghanistan in the American media

The emergence of fake news about Russia and Afghanistan in the American media - an attempt to exert psychological influence on the Russian diplomats and to interfere with their work, so in the spirit of the cold war, says former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Sergey Ordzhonikidze.

Previously, the newspaper the New York Times, citing an unnamed us intelligence officials published an article in which asserted that military intelligence of the Russian Federation allegedly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. No evidence was provided. The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded from the authorities an adequate response to the threats made to the diplomats because of false news about Russia and Afghanistan.

Trump plans to sign a decree on the protection of monuments until the end of the week

The US President Donald trump has promised to sign before the end of this week, the Executive decree on the protection of monuments, he stated at a press conference in Washington after talks with the President of Poland.

"We already have a law on the protection of monuments ... but I think we should gather all the various aspects together in one very strong decree, I think he will be ready by the end of the week," said trump.

The court reopened the lawsuit against agent who shot friend "the Boston terrorist"

The court of appeal in the United States renewed the claim of the heirs of a Russian citizen Ibrahim Todasheva to FBI agent Aaron McFarlane who shot Todasheva in 2013.

The citizen of the Russian Federation Ibragim Todashev was a friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who carried out a major terrorist attack in Boston in April 2013 and then shot by the police. Todashev was killed in his apartment in may of that year, an FBI agent. Four of the agents who were present at the death Todasheva, said that he tried to attack them, and then was shot.

Russia is ready to consider the data on cyber attacks in Germany, said Titov

If Germany has received from the United States confirm the fault of anyone in the cyber attacks on the Bundestag that Russia is ready to consider them, but such failure will be treated as baseless accusations, said in an interview with RIA Novosti first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov.

"If the German side have received from Washington documentary evidence of someone's guilt, then we are ready to consider these materials. Their presentation we will be treated as baseless charge of Russia", - he said.

Foreign Ministry: Germany did not submit evidence of guilt of Moscow in the cyber attack

The German foreign Ministry has not presented the Ambassador of the Russian Federation proofs of fault of Moscow in the cyber attacks on the Bundestag, said in an interview with RIA Novosti first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov.

"All this for a long time the German authorities any evidence of guilt of our country is presented. They have not provided them and to our Ambassador during the conversation the German foreign Ministry", - he said.

In Sweden arrested a suspect in the murder of 16-year-old

DNA and genealogical databases helped Swedish police to detain a suspect in a double murder 16 years ago in Linkoping, said on Tuesday the Swedish Prosecutor's office.

In October 2004, unknown persons attacked the eight-year-old boy and stabbed him with a knife. Later, the assailant attacked the 56-year-old woman, caught in its path, and disappeared. At the crime scene he left a folding knife and a cap with traces of DNA. In the investigation participated the state Commission for the investigation of the murders, investigators even sought the help of the consultants from the FBI. The Swedish media call the double murder in linköping the loudest in the country after the assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986.

Ex-police officer in the case of Floyd want to impute more serious crime

The attorney General of Minnesota in the United States intends to impute the ex-policeman Derek Chavanu passing on the case of George Floyd, more serious crime and charged with murder, said the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar.

Previously Chavanu were brought against the accused of murder of the third degree, that is, unintentionally causing death by committing extremely dangerous for other actions.

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