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Media: FBI raided associated with Kolomoisky company

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. conducted searches in the company Optima Management Group associated with the Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, reports Bloomberg.

It is reported that agents conducted "law enforcement operation" in Cleveland and Miami at the addresses which coincide with addresses of the offices of the company Optima Management Group. It is noted that in the framework of this operation did not detain anyone.

Ex-FBI agent will release a book about the "threat" posed by trump

The former agent of FBI counterintelligence Peter Strzok, who was fired after the scandal because of his correspondence with a colleague critical of the US President, has written a book about the "threat" posed by Donald trump and his team of spectacular Robert Mueller, it will be published on 8 September, according to the website of the publisher.

"Veteran of the FBI, standing up to the Russian investigation, drawn from the long experience of hunting for foreign agents in the United States to uncover the threat posed by President trump," reads the description of the book on the publishers website Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books

The FBI suspected China of harbouring the researcher, who is wanted in the United States

The FBI says the researcher from China, which the U.S. government wanted on charges of fraud in obtaining a visa, was granted asylum at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, reports CNBC, citing court documents.

As stated in the documents submitted in another case, Tang Juan received a non-immigrant visa United States last fall to conduct the study at the University of California in Davis. After some time, the FBI agents found on the Internet pictures of women in uniform. With her on the interview, in which she said that never served in the army and was a member of the Communist party of China.

A million per child. Prepare a new candidate for US President

Family revelations, tears and arguments about abortion — that memorable first public performance of the newly-minted presidential candidate U.S. rapper Kanye West. He was put on the ballot only in Oklahoma, but extravagant election campaign has already started. Meanwhile, the real contenders — Joe Biden and Donald trump are in a race whose outcome is more unpredictable.

The American rapper, producer and designer Kanye West many titles: European champion, a Grammy — award 21, the best-selling musician, a regular in the Forbes list, one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Now Kanye is aiming for the presidency at the head of the "Birthday Party".

The US is preparing a coup after the election

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton jointly introduced American audiences likely explanation for the possible defeat of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election. Probably, in case of victory of Donald trump in the elections it will be used as a pretext or for impeachment, or (more likely) for refusal of the recognition of the election results and the organization to seize power by force. Joe Biden, citing data from us intelligence — said that "the Russians try to delegitimize our electoral process."

However, as the defendants in the crimes allegedly committed against the will of American democracy, are not only we. Joe Biden, again with reference to information of the American intelligence services that it receives, said that "China and others are also involved in the action that we have lost confidence in the results (of the elections. — Approx. ed.)".

The FBI has begun investigating the hacking of celebrity accounts on Twitter

The Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) launched an investigation into the hacking of several accounts of famous people and companies on the social network Twitter, reported RIA Novosti on Thursday in the Bureau office in San Francisco.

"The FBI is investigating the incident, which affected several Twitter accounts belonging to famous personalities, and which occurred on 15 July 2020. This time the accounts had apparently been hacked with the intent to commit fraud, cryptocurrency," - said the Agency interlocutor.

The Prosecutor from the team of Muller Wiseman will release the book in late September

Former Prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who worked in the team of "Russian investigation," Robert Mueller, will release in late September, a book about the investigation, said Random House.

"This is the story of our investigation of how our democracy attacked Russia, and how those who have encouraged and ignored the attack, undermine our ability to find the truth," said Weisman in this regard, stressing that he was proud of his work.

"Words cannot Express". Who supplied the girls in the house of the rich in the United States

In the case of an American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a new twist. After August 2019, the he killed himself in prison, the investigation establishes new offences and looking for accomplices. Possible accomplice of Epstein — his friend, socialite Gilane Maxwell. The prosecution believes that she was put buddy underage "masseuses". That is known about this story — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the detention center Brooklyn Maxwell is waiting for the court hearing is scheduled for July 14. A week ago, 58-year-old woman was hiding in his mansion in new Hampshire. The house she purchased for cash through frontman and lived there under a false name.

The judge asked to reconsider the decision to close the case Flynn

The judge in the case of former adviser to Donald trump, Michael Flynn asks appeals court to reconsider the decision to close the case, according to court documents.

Earlier, the court of appeal by a majority of two votes against one ordered the judge to dismiss the case, citing the relevant decision of the Ministry of justice. However, judge Emmet Sullivan, who has in the past threatened Flynn with jail, asked an expanded panel of the court of appeal to reconsider this decision.

The American pleaded guilty to illegal possession of intelligence

A US resident pleaded guilty to illegal possession of secret information to national security Agency U.S. (NSA) and the kidnapping of a child, according to the U.S. Department of justice.

It is noted that 47-year-old Elizabeth Jo Shirley, a resident of West Virginia, pleaded guilty on two counts in the indictment: "the intentional storage of information on national defence" and "international child abduction by one parent".

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