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A VLT telescope has made the most beautiful photo of "cosmic butterflies"

The very large telescope (VLT) the European southern Observatory (EO) in Chile received a new image of the gas of the nebula NGC 2899, symmetry, color, and complex internal structure resembling fluttering in the night sky multi-colored butterfly. This was reported on the official website EO.

This planetary nebula has never been photographed in such minute detail — even visible through translucent background star field its weak outer edges.

Telescope VLT has registered the mysterious disappearance of a massive star

During observations on the Very Large telescope (VLT) the European southern Observatory (ESO) astronomers have discovered the loss of unstable massive stars in dwarf galaxy Kinman. Scientists suggest glitter star could fall sharply as it disappeared behind a cloud of dust. There is another explanation: star collapsed into a black hole without the formation of a supernova. The study is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Between 2001 and 2011, different groups of astronomers studied a mysterious massive star located in the dwarf galaxy Kinman. Observations showed that the star is in a late stage of its evolution.