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Greece open borders for Sweden from July 22

Direct flights from Sweden to Greece will resume July 22 with the end of July depending on the epidemiological situation may resume direct flights from the United States and several countries that are not members of the EU, said government spokesman of Greece Stelios Petsas at the briefing.

Greece from 1 July resumed direct flights to most EU countries, have earned the airports on all the Greek Islands. The list does not included the number of countries, including Sweden, whose authorities have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of Athens and urged its tourists to think whether to go on holiday to Greece.

Washington decided to punish Europe for real

Despite all the difficulties in relations between the administration of Donald trump and American IT-giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, the US President was ready to sacrifice the remnants of transatlantic solidarity and goodwill, which has been preserved in the relations between States and the European Union to protect the income of American corporations from European tax authorities.

Old conflict, which Mature for many years, now came to the open exchange of painful financial blows of billions of dollars — the European Union wants to "squeeze" us corporations, who for decades worked in the EU without paying taxes, and the US is going to punish the European Union for trying to gain minimal fiscal sovereignty. I must give credit to the team trump the revenge they have made a very point, in the sense that it was identified the specific author of the European breakthrough to freedom and "squirt", who dared to advance the idea that the American IT business, working in the "European colonies of the United States" actually have to pay taxes, and after this identification was followed by retaliatory us action.

"There is no equality". The EU was taught a lesson of economy of Ukraine

Kiev's attempts to support the national machinery has caused discontent of Brussels. The EU Ambassador Matti Maasikas sent to the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhalou and the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkova a warning letter about the inadmissibility of violation of the Association Agreement with the EU. Why the European officials can dictate to the Ukrainian authorities the conditions in the material RIA Novosti.

Brussels is dissatisfied with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on procurement of machinery "with a proven degree of localization of production." Maasikas regarded it as "significant violation of the foundations of equal trade and non-discrimination".

The European Union has welcomed resumption of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo

The European Union welcomes the resumption of the Sunday dialogue on the normalization of relations between Serbia and the breakaway Republic of Kosovo with the mediation of Brussels.

"We just finished a virtual meeting with President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hoti Avdullah. I am glad to say that after the summit in Paris on Friday and today's meeting of the comprehensive dialogue on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo resumed after a break of 20 months," said EU special representative for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak.

The head of the Greek foreign Ministry considers the issue of Hagia Sophia global

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias said that "dangerous" to consider the transformation of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque problem, Greek-Turkish relations, not the world. In an interview with Skai Dendias also said that the EU should have a ready list of "strong" measures against Turkey in case of its violation of the sovereign rights of Greece.

On Monday, the issue of Turkey will be discussed in Brussels at the Council of foreign Ministers of the European Union. "There Greece will ask the European Union to compile a list of the strongest possible measures against Turkey if Turkey violates the sovereign rights of Greece," said Dendias.

Iraq has asked Germany to help in the exclusion from the "blacklist" of the EU

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Iraq, Fuad Hussein asked his German colleague Heiko Maas to assist in the elimination of Iraq compiled from the EU list of countries with weak rules against money laundering and financing of terrorism, the statement said Iraqi foreign Ministry.

As noted in the statement, the foreign Ministers of Iraq and Germany held a telephone conversation, during which discussed a number of topics, including bilateral relations.

Tube terminals, naive Europeans, and the insidious Chinese

At key rail terminals to container shipments from China to Europe, there were enormous traffic jams. This, for example, Alashan, in the Xinjiang (where the train goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Central Europe) and a few others. In China, the terminals proudly call the "land ports", show their foreign guests as an example of the use of artificial intelligence and other new technologies in organization of logistic process. And now, even artificial intelligence is not helping.

Namely, through the Alashan to Europe in that year went to ten trains a day, now 19, and still a part of them is delayed, the graphics are broken. Chinanski terminal in XI'an this year has already sent almost twice as many trains on the European direction than last year. That's when I remembered that there was a plan for the development and construction of Railways in Europe (2016-2019), which is fulfilled by 2018, and now the transportation load has increased by a third over itself.

The recession threatens to tear the Eurozone apart, said the Commissioner

Recession due COVID-19 in the Euro area becomes deeper and threatens to tear the currency Union of the EU, said the European Commissioner for Economics, Paolo Gentiloni in an interview with Welt.

"The latest economic figures are warning the recession is deeper than expected, and the economic development of countries in the Eurozone is becoming more and more uneven than expected in the spring. In Italy, France and Spain, the economy is collapsing at 10-11%. That's a lot. Other economies, such as Denmark, Poland, Sweden or Germany - yet, apparently, better able to cope with the crisis, there minus is around 4-6%. What we have always warned, confirmed: the recession because COVID-19 threatens to tear apart the Eurozone", - he said.

The European Union will accelerate the development of Ukraine as an agricultural superpower

Between Ukraine and the European Union, a scandal erupted due to the timid attempts of the Square to support his dying engineering.

Background: on June 11 on the website of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine promulgated the draft government decree "Some issues of implementation of pilot project for the procurement of equipment machinery industry with a proven degree of localization of production." The decision was to be short-term only until December 31, 2021.

Greek politician proposed to impose sanctions against Turkey

Greece after the decision of Turkey to turn Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque must immediately to impose sanctions against Ankara to close the Turkish Consulate in Komotini, the Museum of Kemal Ataturk in Thessaloniki, the border with Turkey, to open a mosque in Votanikos and close hundreds of illegal mosques, said RIA Novosti former MEP and President of the party "Greece – another way" NOTIS Marias.

He is Professor at the University of Crete, where he teaches the institutional setting of the European Union.

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