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Pushkov explained why Germany is fighting with USA for the "Nord stream — 2"

Senator Alexei Pushkov said that the competition of Germany and the United States due to the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" is an unprecedented situation, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

The rate of cooling of relations between Angela Merkel and Donald trump can be called the U.S. decision on the withdrawal of a dozen thousand American servicemen from the territory of Germany. The Senator is confident that protecting the "Nord stream — 2", Germany protects primarily itself.

Expert has predicted the fate of the "Nord stream — 2" after Polish fine

Expert of the national energy security Fund Stanislav Mitrakhovich sure imposed by Poland because of the "Nord stream — 2" the fine will not prevent the construction of the pipeline, writes "Evening Moscow".

On the eve of the Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKiK has fined Russia's Gazprom on 213 million zlotys, equivalent to about 50 million euros for noncompliance in the case of "Nord stream — 2". "Gazprom" has promised to appeal the decision.

"Race to the vaccine": the West accuse Russia

About a month after the pandemic coronavirus literally put on the knees of the world economy, in the political and media world has a new "genre" of the international competition, which can be ironically called a race on the vaccines. Given the obvious psychological trauma that coronavirus twice struck the collective West, the question of winning in this race was not just political, but political and fundamental from the point of view of preserving the self-esteem of Western society. For a man raised in the best traditions of European humanism (in the modern world basically means no European or American, but a man with a Soviet or Russian education), it is difficult to understand the modern Western obsession with "race for vaccines," but you can try to explain it from the point of view of the main industry of the modern USA or the UK, that is, from the point of view of political and commercial PR.

In the PR space collective West, and specific the US and UK got some serious "injuries coronavirus". First, it turned out that far (as well as "deeply totalitarian and backward places," according to the stereotypes of London and Washington politicians) China dealt with the suppression of the epidemic is better realized the problem early and effectively limit economic damage. Against this background, even in the eyes of the patriots of the US and the UK and also some EU countries do not look very inspiring way.

Posner explained why Russia has not joined NATO

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner has commented on the statement of a member of the Bundestag of the CDU/CSU Christian Schmidt, who offered again to discuss Russia's accession to NATO, as seriously mentioned in the 1990-ies. The statement of the TV host is in his interview on the website of the daily mail.

He recalled that the idea of Russia's accession to the EU and NATO supported Boris Yeltsin and later Vladimir Putin.

Solovyov responded sharply to the accusations of Poland in the death of Kaczynski

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" said charges in the crash of Tu-154 of Polish President Lech kaczyński, said that Russia has nothing to do with this tragic issue.

As earlier it became known, the Polish Commission for re-investigation of the crash claims that a TNT explosion which was allegedly the cause of the crash, laid on a plane during repairs in Russia.

Russia mirror response to cybersale EU

Cybersale of the EU towards structures of Russia, China and the DPRK based on unsubstantiated and contrived pretext, these actions will not remain without the answer, diplomacy is mirrored, the commentary said Russian foreign Ministry.

"Causes bewilderment and regret were adopted by the Council of the European Union on 30 July a decision on the imposition of unilateral restrictive measures in respect of a number of citizens and organizations of Russia and China and the DPRK. Again all made unproven, under the false pretext of involvement in certain cyber incidents that have taken place in the past. The political background of this step is obvious," - said in comments posted on the website of the Russian depodesta.

The Euro exceeded $ 87 rubles

The official Euro to ruble set by the Central Bank on the weekend and Monday, increased by 1,036 ruble — to 87,2889 of the ruble, the national Bank reported.

The dollar increased by 6.28 pennies to 73,4261 ruble

EU GDP fell by a record 14.4 per cent

GDP of EU countries in the second quarter fell by 14.4% in annual terms, according to a press release from the statistical Agency Eurostat.

QoQ index has decreased by 11.9%. In the first three months of the year the fall amounted to 3.6%. Thus, the European economy went into recession.

Poland wanted to participate in the trial on the "Nord stream — 2"

Polish oil and gas company PGNiG filed in the Higher court of düsseldorf, the statement about "active participation" in the trial of the release of "Nord stream — 2" from the requirements of the updated EU Gas Directive.

The Chairman of the management Board of PGNiG Jerzy Kwiecinski tweeted.

In Minsk held a rally in support of Tikhanovski

In Minsk, under reinforced security measures held a mass picket of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, reported the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The event started in the Park of Friendship of peoples at 18:00. To get to the action, people had to line up and pass the inspection.

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