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EU GDP fell by a record 14.4 per cent

GDP of EU countries in the second quarter fell by 14.4% in annual terms, according to a press release from the statistical Agency Eurostat.

QoQ index has decreased by 11.9%. In the first three months of the year the fall amounted to 3.6%. Thus, the European economy went into recession.

Russia was not included in the new list of countries that the EU open border

The EU Council again included in the third updated list of countries with which member States are recommended to opening of external borders, should be published in Thursday statement of the Council.

The European Union has not added any new countries to the list, on the contrary, reduced, eliminating Algeria. So now the recommendations are just 12 (of the original 15) States: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China, subject to the confirmation of reciprocity in the opening of borders.

Telegram filed in EC antitrust complaint on the App Store

The messenger Telegram filed a formal antitrust complaint to the European Commission to Apple about possible violations in the work of the App Store, reported the newspaper Financial Times, citing the complaint.

According to the publication, the complaint States that Apple should "allow users to be able to download the software not only from the App Store."

The EC agreed with Gilead for the supply of drugs in COVID-19

The European Commission has signed a contract with the American company Gilead for the purchase of medicines for the European Union coronavirus infection COVID-19 "Ramdevpir" to 63 million euros against the background of almost full armor on produced volumes of medicine from the United States, said the spokesman of the EC on the briefing.

In early July, it was reported that the European Commission is negotiating with Gilead on the possibility to provide the EU with a sufficient number of doses of "Ramdevpir", while the Guardian wrote that the United States bought about 90% of three month supply from this company. It was reported that the first 140 thousand doses of the drug were sold worldwide. In late June, the U.S. bought about 500 thousand doses that just is about 90% of the stock of the drug for three months.

Durov named seven iPhone owners cause for concern

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov has accused Apple in that it supposedly creates the myths around the App Store and thereby deceiving the users. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel, where he listed seven reasons why the Commission in the Apple App Store should "worry about every iPhone owner".

In particular, he pointed out that a 30 percent Commission for each application, the company increases the value of digital purchases. Moreover, the money consumers have despite the fact that they previously overpaid for the Apple phone "a few hundred dollars more than its cost".

The political scientist rejected the EU statement on the prohibition of entry to Crimea from Ukraine

The statement of the representative of the European Commission prohibiting entry to the Crimea Ukrainian citizens is wrong, as the restrictions relate solely to the pandemic coronavirus, said RIA Novosti political analyst Sergei Mikheyev.

The EU has previously stated that he is concerned about "restriction" of free access of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Crimea.

The EC asked the EU to inform each other about the introduction of quarantine

The European Commission is urging EU countries to inform each other on actions caused by them against COVID-19, for example, the introduction of quarantine after traveling, said the representative of the press service of the EC.

Rules for the passage of quarantine after returning from a particular country or region of the European Union introduced by EU member States themselves. Moreover, these rules may arise during travel of residents of one country to that country on arrival from which at the time of departure quarantine was not needed.

The Commissioner from Greece sorry for turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Vice-President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, the representative of Greece in the leadership of the EC, expressed his regret for the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

"As a Greek I feel bitterness, I feel the outrage on this issue. This is a difficult day, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is experiencing similar emotions. I believe Turkey will at some point have to decide what should be its geopolitical position and with whom she wants to be together in the future. If Turkey wants to go with the European Union based on European values, if so, what is happening today in Hagia Sophia is a bad otravny point," he said at a press conference.

Finnish opposition calls for convening Parliament after the EU summit

The opposition party "True Finns" in Finland requires the Parliament interrupted their vacations to discuss the actions of the Prime Minister Sanna Marin during the EU summit, where it was agreed the package of measures for the recovery of the European economy due to a pandemic coronavirus, according to state broadcaster YLE.

It is reported that the party held on Thursday an extraordinary meeting. The leader of the faction Ville Tavio said that Martin exceeded his authority and violated the Constitution by endorsing the package of measures for the recovery of the European economy. According to Tavio, the Parliament had to interrupt their vacation to discuss the actions of the Prime Minister.

The EU will provide Ukraine 1.2 billion euros for the fight against COVID-19

Ukraine and the EU signed a Memorandum of understanding and a loan agreement on granting to Kiev macro-financial assistance in the amount of 1.2 billion euros to combat the coronavirus, said Thursday Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal.

"Ukraine will receive 1.2 billion euros macro-financial assistance from the European Union. Today signed a Memorandum of understanding and a loan agreement with the European Commission," wrote Smigel on his page in Facebook.

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