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After the EU summit at the Prime Minister complained of 13 people

Thirteen people filed a complaint to the Chancellor of justice of Finland to the Prime Minister Sanna Marin during the recent EU summit where it was agreed the package of measures for the recovery of the European economy due to a pandemic coronavirus, according to state broadcaster YLE.

Complaints, including those filed by the Deputy from party "True Finns" Sebastian Tynkkynen. The authors of most of the cases believe that the country's Prime Minister had acted contrary to the position of the constitutional Committee of the Parliament, when approved taking new loans as part of a package of measures to restore the EU economy.

The European Parliament intends to amend the multi-year EU budget

The members of the European Parliament support was reached at the EU summit agreement to Fund economic recovery, however, intend to amend the draft multi-year budget plan of the EU, said at a press conference in Brussels, the head of the European Parliament David Sassòli.

"Agreement on the recovery plan has been satisfactory, and long-term financial plan needs some adjustments, and we believe that it is possible," said Sassòli.

Spain will receive 140 billion euros from the Fund for the recovery of the EU economy

Spain will receive 140 billion from the Fund for the economic recovery of Europe, which was agreed at the EU summit in Brussels, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Earlier, EU leaders at the summit reached agreement on the overall budget for the 2021-2027 years in the amount of 1,074 trillion Euro and the economic recovery plan of € 750 billion.

The EU claim that guaranteed protection from COVID-19 at the summit in Brussels

The organizers of the first after the outbreak of the coronavirus physical EU summit in Brussels has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety leaders, representatives of the European Council on Twitter.

"EU leaders hold a physical meeting in Brussels for the first time since the outbreak COVID-19. Some hygienic measures ensure that everyone will be safe during the summit", - is spoken in the message.