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In Moscow restored movement after an accident with a bus and "the Gazelle"

The movement in the Ryazan Avenue in Moscow, where he faced the bus and "the Gazelle", restored, reports the Moscow Department of transport in Telegram channel.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of collision "Gazelle" and the bus at the intersection of Tashkent street and the Ryazan prospectus injured seven people died, the passenger of the bus. At the Ryazan Prospekt in the center you can travel only one lane of three, the jam was formed in Tashkent street.

Flooded the station "Botanical garden" filmed

. Eyewitnesses took video of the consequences of heavy rain in Moscow.

Because of the heavy rain podtopilo CIP station "Botanical garden". Published footage shows how rain water flows over the sills of one of the lobbies.

Night in Moscow is expected possibally tube because of bad weather

Tube 8 points are expected in Moscow on Monday evening, it is recommended to use public transport, the press service of the Moscow Department of transport in Telegram channel.

"It is likely that in the evening you stand in an 8-point plug on the way home. If possible, use public transport and reduce travel time", - stated in the message.

Movement in the direction of Tverskaya street opened on two lanes

Movement in the direction of Tverskaya street open after a fire in a historic building on two lanes, according to the center for organization of traffic (TSODD) the capital.

On Thursday, a major fire occurred in a historical building in the center of Moscow. Burning 800 square meters of the six-storey building No. 24 building construction. Previously, dead and injured there.