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Canada and the United States extended the closure of the border until 21 July

The government of Canada and the United States extended the closure of the border to travel unless absolutely necessary until 21 July in connection with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, said Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

In accordance with previous agreements, the border were to remain closed until June 21.

The U.S. DHS has called the attacks on police terrorism

The Department of homeland security United States called the attack on law enforcement by terrorism.

"There are threats of attacks on police stations or Federal buildings. This violence we will not tolerate. We intend to ensure that it did not succeed anywhere. When someone makes it their goal of a police officer or police Department with the purpose to harm or intimidate, is an act of domestic terrorism," - said at a press conference, the acting first Deputy Minister of internal security Ken Cuccinelli.

The DPRK rejected the US charges that the country is a cyber threat

The North Korean foreign Ministry has rejected US charges that Pyongyang poses a threat to cyber security.

In April, the state Department, Treasury, FBI and Department of homeland security has submitted a report with recommendations to counter the threat from North Korea in cyberspace. According to American authorities, the DPRK's actions in cyberspace that have been called the "Hidden snake" "represent a significant threat to the integrity and stability of the international financial system".