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The EP commented on the fight of deputies of the Ulyanovsk legislative Assembly

The fight in the Ulyanovsk legislative Assembly does not make the Deputy from "United Russia", but it can be understood humanly, stated RIA Novosti Executive Secretary of the Commission of the EP on ethics, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party Yevgeny Revenko.

Earlier, first Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region, the head of the faction "United Russia" Vasily Gvozdev has told reporters that Wednesday's meeting of the regional Parliament had to be interrupted because of a fight of deputies, which, according to him, was provoked by the representatives of the Communist party.

In the Kaluga region has registered six candidates for Governor

Six candidates registered for participation in elections of the Governor of the Kaluga region, told RIA Novosti the representative of the election Committee.

Earlier it was reported that the electoral Commission has registered the candidate of the acting Governor Wladyslaw Shapshu, he put forward the "United Russia".

On the election of governors in candidates moved 147

About 147 people were nominated candidates for gubernatorial elections in 18 regions of Russia, at the moment, the number of nominees the leader of Irkutsk oblast - 17 representatives of political parties and independent candidates, said the head of the working group of public chamber on public control over the voting Maxim Grigoriev.

"In 2020 will be the election of governors, senior officials of the regions 18 regions. At the moment, in this election we have nominated by 147 people. And actively participate in the both parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties. Candidates currently nominated 24 party. This is a large number of parties that participate in elections and nominate their candidates," - said Grigoriev at a press conference.

Why the US is trying to revive the specter of the Communist threat?

Now Mike Pompeo will go down in history not as one of the most incompetent and narrow-minded (to put it mildly) secretaries of state of the United States, and as the man who declared war on China. The ideological war — and, as the first cold war with the Soviet Union, the current is declared, too, under anti-Communist slogans, which, however, combined with blatant nationalism. Preparing for the announcement were held over the last couple of years, and by Pompeo and the other leaders of trump, but the former captain of the us army had the honor to perform with full-scale anti-Chinese appeal.

Pompeo did it on Friday in the library Richard Nixon Yorba Linda in southern California — it "Communist China and the future of the free world" can be divided into three constituent elements. First — the demonization of China, the second — error analysis USA in the Chinese direction and the third proposal for dealing with China.

For the post of Governor of the Tambov region will fight five candidates

Five candidates will continue to fight for the post of head of administration of the Tambov region, elections will be held in September, reported on Monday, RIA Novosti the representative of the election Committee.

Elections of the head of administration of the Tambov region scheduled for September 13 of this year. Documents on the nomination to the election Commission of the region was represented by six candidates: incumbent Governor Alexander Nikitin (whose candidature was supported by "United Russia"), Igor Telegin (LDPR), Pavel Plotnikov ("Fair Russia"), Andrey Zhidkov (KPRF), Sergey KLISHIN ("Cossack party") and Gagik Hovsepyan ("Communist party of social justice"). Then they all submitted to the electoral Commission the documents for registration. The first five candidates were registered, and Hovsepyan refused further participation in the elections due to personal circumstances.

Zyuganov: Andreev showed integrity in protecting the interests of the people

You can agree or disagree with some positions of Nina Andreeva, but she has demonstrated integrity in protecting the interests of the people and of Soviet values, said RIA Novosti the head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov.

Earlier on Sunday, the author of the famous letters "I can Not renounce principles" Nina Andreeva died on 82-m to year of life, according to the website of the unregistered all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks.

Died the author of the famous Manifesto antiperistasis Nina Andreeva

At 82 year of life has died the writer of the letter "I can Not renounce principles" Nina Andreeva, reported on the website of the unregistered "Union Communist party of Bolsheviks".

She died July 24 after suffering a serious illness.

In the state Duma commented on the fight of Azerbaijanis and Armenians in Moscow

In Russia there is no ground for the development of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, said in an interview with the portal "NSN" state Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin.

Yesterday it was reported that in the South-West of Moscow near the metro "Salarievo" near the restaurant "Armenian home", there was another fight between the representatives of the Azerbaijani and Armenian diasporas. This information was confirmed by Vice-President of the Union of Azerbaijanis of Russia Elanor Huseynov. Representatives of the community figure out the details of the incident.

Suraykin filed a lawsuit against Zyuganov for obscene insults

Chairman of the Central Committee of the party "Communists of Russia" Maxim suraykin announced that it has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity, and sent an appeal to the ethics Commission of the state Duma of the Russian Federation after the insults in his address, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

On Wednesday at plenary session of the state Duma Zyuganov during the performance, obscenely spoke to the head of the "Communists of Russia". The speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared, that to speak such words in the address Suraykin "wrong".

In the state Duma is preparing a bill close to the Soviet standards for teachers

In the state Duma are working on the bills, offering to provide teachers an extended leave to return them entitled to retire and to establish that the average teacher's salary should not be below the average for the region and the country, reported RIA Novosti, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin (CPRF).

According to him, the first initiative aimed at improving the legal status and the improvement of working conditions of teachers that would eliminate the shortage of teachers, including in rural areas. Changes I plan to introduce in the Federal law "On education" and other laws.

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