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About 120 of the borrowers complained to the Central Bank on banks for credit vacation

About 120 borrowers from late may to June inclusive was sent to the Central Bank of Russia complaints against banks because of incorrect replacement of vacation credit on its own program of restructuring, the number of appeals because of problems with the design of postponing loan payments reduced, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the regulator.

With the beginning of the pandemic in the fashion industry, many borrowers found themselves in a difficult situation due to declining revenues. To help citizens, in early April, a law was passed about credit vacation, allowing those whose income decreased more than 30%, to obtain a deferment of payments on loans.

The Central Bank has said it is unusually high for recent years the demand for cash

The Bank of Russia said unusually high for recent years in Russia the demand for cash, it follows from the information-analytical review of the Central Bank "Liquidity of the banking sector and money market."

"Under the influence of a temporary increase in uncertainty about the prospects for the development of the macroeconomic situation in the context of pandemic coronavirus has significantly increased the value of deposits. For this reason, remained unusually high for recent years, the demand for cash", - stated in the materials.

In Russia suggested to hold the denomination of the ruble

Informationas the head of the analytical center "Alpari" Alexander Razuvaev came up with the idea of holding a denomination of the Russian currency in 100 times, according to "Vedomosti".

Earlier, the Central Bank said that the volume of cash in circulation reached a record value 12.42 trillion rubles. According to the regulator, last month, this amount increased by 3.5 percent.

The expert explained how to return the Deposit if the Bank has revoked the license of

To obtain the contribution in the Bank after the revocation of his license must apply to the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), which is responsible for reviewing claims for compensation on deposits in case of revocation or cancellation of license of the Central Bank, said the Agency "Prime" a senior counselor of KSK Grupp Irina Mikheeva.

Limit the amount of compensation is 1.4 million rubles.

Russian banks have offered to provide data fraud victims

The Association of Russian banks (ADB) proposes to freeze at 25 days received a potential Scam transfers, and to transfer their personal data to their victims, to have been more likely to return the stolen funds to the bill, which is available to RIA Novosti.

In February, the Central Bank said that banks return to Russia only every seventh ruble, translated without their consent, that is, 15% of the total amount stolen. The low level of compensation is related to the fact that many of the clients themselves give information to scammers who use social engineering techniques. And if the client is compromised the data card or remote banking service, the Bank has the right by law not to return him the money.

Putin instructed to ensure the implementation of measures for labour market recovery

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet to ensure the implementation of measures to restore employment to the level of 2019, by the fourth quarter of 2021, it said in the instructions, published on the Kremlin website.

"The government of the Russian Federation to ensure implementation of measures aimed at recovery (up to 2019) number of employed population by the fourth quarter of 2021," reads the document.

CB rehabilitated 291 financier of the "black list"

The Board of the Bank of Russia, which since the end of January 2018 reviews complaints top-managers and owners of financial institutions from the "black list", rehabilitated 291 helper list and dismissed the complaints 242 financiers, said in a press release of the regulator.

"The Commission runs from 28 January 2018, and during this time 291 upheld the complaint. 242 complaints made decision to refuse" - said in the message.

Experts suggested how to save on money transfers

The Russians there are many ways to transfer money to another person, and even in one Bank there may be several options for different prices. The transfer fee may depend not only on amounts but also on the way of committing it: for example, the Bank application is free of charge, at the office - no longer exists.

Recently a significant role in reducing the cost of remittances play a financial power. So, for more than a year working System of quick payments (SBP), the Bank of Russia, which you can use for free to transfer up to 100 thousand rubles a month, knowing only the phone number of the recipient of funds. It is already connected all major banks, and the number of participants continues to grow.

Russian banks continue to reduce mortgage rates

Some Russian banks are planning to lower mortgage rates, while a number of players had already improved the conditions for such lending and further decisions in this area will depend on the market situation, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday the savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgages by 0.5 percentage points. According to the Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Bank Vozrozhdenie Natalia Shabuninoj, the credit institution is considering the possibility of reducing in the near future interest rates on mortgage loans on both the primary and the secondary housing. Bank "Zenit" will soon reduce the rate "classic military" mortgage, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank Dmitry Yurin.

The Russians will make it easier to transfer money into their account fast payments

The Russians will be easier to transfer money to own accounts in the banks-participants of System of payments: now just open the application Bank account in which to raise money, and to do inside one window requests the required amount from their accounts in other credit institutions, is spoken in the message of the CBR.

System of quick payments of the Bank of Russia allows to transfer money via the phone number, as well as to pay for goods and services through a QR code. In the future, in the framework of the system it is planned to develop other ways of payment, including setting up automatic subscription. Since may 1, the Russians are free to translate within the system to 100 thousand rubles per month.

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