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In Dagestan was held a naval parade in honor of Navy Day

For the first time in the history of Russia naval parade dedicated to the Day of the Navy was held in the Dagestan Kaspiysk, the press service of the southern military district.

"For the first time in history in the Dagestani coastal town of Kaspiysk was held a naval parade dedicated to the Day of Navy of Russia", - stated in the message.

In the Leningrad region calculations "Armor" repulsed "the attack" cruise missiles

Calculations antiaircraft missile-gun complexes (zrpk) "Armour" in the context of declared sudden check of combat readiness of the Armed forces repelled a conditional attack cruise missiles in the Leningrad region, said on Sunday in a press-service of the Western military district.

"In the Leningrad region crews zrpk "Carapace" of the Leningrad Association air force and air defense conducted a training session on reflection of the air raids conventional small-size and low-altitude targets. On arrival in the area of performance training and combat tasks zrpk crews took the calculated position and began the task of covering the fixed objects from conventional cruise missile strikes," - said in the message.

The Russian military worked the fight with the hammer drones

Russian military neutralized the attack drones on the doctrine on the ground Gudauta in the framework of a sudden inspection, reported in a press-service of the southern military district.

"In the framework of a sudden check combat readiness of units of electronic warfare, in collaboration with radar points of the Russian military base of South military district in Abkhazia defused shock unmanned aerial vehicles", - stated in the message.

The Il-76 aircraft redeployed to the Kuban and in the Rostov region

The Il-76 military transport aviation of Russian air force has deployed personnel and military equipment of the intelligence units involved in a sudden check of combat readiness of the Tver region on airfields in the Krasnodar territory and Rostov region, reports the Ministry of defence.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin, on 17 July announced the sudden checking of the troops of the southern and Western military districts, and separate connections under the Central government, Navy and marine corps.

In Kazakhstan, the campers beat the seal for the pictures

People who are on the coast of the Caspian sea beat the seal to pull it out of the water and take pictures, will be brought to justice, said the press-Secretary of the Committee of forestry and fauna of the Ministry of ecology, Geology and natural resources of the Republic Saken Dildohot.

According to the regional newspaper "Lada", the incident occurred on the beach in the village Kuryk, Mangistau region in South-Western Kazakhstan on Monday evening. Vacationing on the beach a group of people spotted the seal near the shore and started to beat him with sticks and stones, to pull out of the water and take pictures. After that, according to an eyewitness, quoted by the publication, the seal kicked back in the sea.

Doctors struggling with COVID-19, suggested to undergo rehabilitation in Dagestan

Russian doctors struggled with COVID-19, can get free rehab in Dagestan on the Caspian sea, the press service of the head and government of the Republic.

"Dagestan scientific and health complex "Cranes" will take on the rehabilitation of the doctors, fought with the novel coronavirus infection. The center plans a weekly free of charge to take about 60 Russian doctors", - said in a release.