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Boeing received a contract from NASA to support the ISS until 2024

The Boeing company received a contract from NASA to 916 million dollars to continue to support the work of the International space station until 2024, said in a statement Thursday the company.

"Boeing will provide technical support, provide resources and personnel to work on Board the ISS, and will be responsible for a system of station", - is told in the message.

NASA Boeing indicated at 81 problem after the failed launch Cockpit

NASA has identified more than 80 problems requiring revision in the created by Boeing piloted spaceship Cockpit, the date of his re test flight is still not defined, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

In December 2019, the ship Cockpit made its first test flight without a crew. For technical reasons, its docking with the ISS was cancelled. A few months later, after a failed test, the Deputy head of NASA for manned spaceflight Douglas Loverro said that the results of its first unmanned flight Starliner experts have identified more than 60 of the issues. He noted that the ship could double to lose.

Media: Boeing stops production of the iconic Boeing 747

Boeing stops production of the legendary "hunchback" airliner Boeing 747-8, although officially this has not yet been announced, said on Friday Agency Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The latest version of this aircraft, despite its popularity among passengers, and have not achieved commercial success because the airline switched to a model with two engines for long routes, said the material. The economic downturn on the background of the coronavirus now complicates the sale of the remaining machines, the Agency said.

Trump congratulated Boeing for overcoming the crisis around the 737 max

The President of the United States trump congratulated Boeing for overcoming the crisis and the beginning of certification of aircraft 737 max.

“I want to congratulate Boeing, they've been through so much. One probably of the best companies in the world,” trump told reporters at the White house.

In the United States began test flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

The Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) and the Boeing company began Monday test flight of the 737 MAX, they will last for three days, the statement said controller, received by RIA Novosti.

"The FAA and Boeing are conducting a series of certification flights this week to assess Boeing proposed changes to the system of automatic control of flight for the 737 MAX. The aircraft took off from Boeing airfield in Seattle today at 9.55 Pacific time (19.55 GMT) for the first round of tests. As expected, the flight will last several hours. We expect that the certification flights will last about three days", - stated in the message.