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Russian fighter jets intercepted a Norwegian spy plane

The fighters of the Northern fleet was accompanied by the Norwegian reconnaissance plane over the waters of the Barents sea, announced Russian national defense control center.

As said the Agency, 3C "Orion" by the Norwegian air force had not violated the state border of Russia.

Over the Barents and Black seas found spy planes of NATO

In the skies over the Barents and Black seas on Tuesday was discovered by aircraft reconnaissance Norway and the USA, climbed to intercept Russian fighter jets, according to the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation.

"The fourteenth of July, the Russian means of control of air space over the Barents and Black seas has been detected aerial target flying in the direction of the state border of the Russian Federation", - stated in the message.

Posted a video of the rocket firing "Peter the Great" in the Barents sea

And the Navy released footage of the rocket firing exercises in the Barents sea.

The video shows the launch of anti-ship cruise missiles "Granit" and "Volcano" aboard the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great".

In St. Petersburg opened a monument to those killed in the Barents sea, divers

Memorial in memory of the submariners who died in July 2019 by research submersible in the Barents sea, officially opened on Sunday at the Serafimovskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"A year has passed since the tragedy in the Barents sea... Here on Seraphim cemetery buried 14 of our heroes, the best officers of our country... Today we opened the memorial in honor of their heroism," - said at the ceremony the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

The nuclear submarine "Prince Vladimir" was released in the White sea to rebase

Underwater strategic cruiser "Prince Vladimir" was released Monday from Severodvinsk in the White sea and the end of the week should arrive in the main base of submarine forces of the Northern fleet Gadzhievo, reported the press service of the fleet.

"Today (Monday) missile underwater strategic cruiser "Prince Vladimir" came from Severodvinsk in the White sea and launched the first cross-transition in the composition of submarine forces of the Northern fleet", - is spoken in the message.

The Tu-142MK conducted flights over the Barents and Norwegian seas

Russian anti-submarine aircrafts Tu-142MK conducted flights over the Barents and Norwegian seas, as well as over the Pacific, they were accompanied by fighters of the USA and Norway, according to the defense Ministry.

"The twenty-seventh June 2020 three distant antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142MK carried out planned flights over the Barents and Norwegian seas," - said in the message.

Part of the Northern fleet will include a hydrographic ship "Nikolay Skosyrev"

The flag-raising ceremony at the new small hydrographic ship of the Northern fleet "Nikolay Skosyrev" will be held in one of the last days of June, said on Saturday the press service of SF.

"The hydrography flag of the Russian Navy will be raised on a small hydrographic vessel "Nikolay Skosyrev" in one of the last days of June. The ship's crew and the leadership of the hydrographic service initiated the preparation of the ceremony on behalf of the commander of the fleet Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev", - stated in the message.

Adrift in the Barents sea the Russian trawler will ship to Norway

The tug will ship adrift in the Barents sea the Russian trawler Nord tral, owned by the Murmansk company SPK "belomorskiy Rybak RK" on the repair in the Norwegian Kirkenes, told RIA Novosti the representative of the shipowner Vladimir Oxen.

On Thursday, a source in emergency services of the Murmansk region told RIA Novosti that Nord tral lost progress in the Eastern part of the Barents sea. Now the trawler remains off the coast of Norway.

Arctic expedition to the New Land to repeat the route Rusanova

The Northern fleet in conjunction with the 12th commander of the defense Ministry and the Russian geographical society will be held in August the expedition on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, its members rekonstruiruet route Arctic Explorer Vladimir Rusanov, and perform a number of studies reported the press service of the Northern fleet.

"In the middle of August 2020, the Northern fleet will send another Arctic expedition to the Islands of Novaya Zemlya archipelago. In addition to the Northern fleet in its composition will include representatives of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Russian geographical society, national Park "Russian Arctic" and research institutes. Will head a comprehensive research expedition team of 10-12 soldiers and scientists representative of the 12th Central Board captain 2 rank Sergei Zinchenko," - said in the message.

A French frigate entered the waters of the Barents sea

The Northern fleet has started monitoring frigate of the French Navy in the Barents sea, according to the national defence control centre of Russia.

The frigate "Aquitaine" came in the Barents sea today.