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In Germany, explained the reluctance to buy U.S. LNG

The Minister of energy, infrastructure and the digital technology of the German state of Mecklenburg — Vorpommern Christian Pegel in an interview with RT Deutsch said that the European States is not profitable to buy American liquefied natural gas, as it will be more expensive than supplies from Russia.

According to him, the need of conversion of gas to liquid and logistics costs significantly increase the cost of fuel supplies from the United States.

"Naftogaz" has responded to the threat of the U.S. against the "Nord stream — 2"

Ukrainian company "Naftogaz" thanked the U.S. senators who sent a threatening letter addressed to the port operator in the German city of Sassnitz due to support the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2".

Previously at the disposal of RIA Novosti was a letter from three members of the U.S. Senate, to the operator of the port of Sassnitz GmbH. It refers to the impending U.S. government sanctions against companies involved in supporting the construction of the pipeline. In particular, the appeal stated that in case of continuation of works the port of Sassnitz is facing "financial destruction."

The construction of "Nord stream — 2" is allowed to continue

Construction of the pipeline "Nord stream 2" can be resumed on 3 August at the expiry of the appeal the new permit of Denmark, even if this decision will be appealed, told reporters in the Danish energy Agency (DEA).

"It is possible to appeal to the Danish appeals Board on energy issues, will have immediate suspensive effect, unless the Council decides otherwise," said the regulator.

In Britain Russia after Putin's words about the Navy called a "significant threat"

Russia is a state that represents for the UK a "significant threat," said Minister of state for defence of the Kingdom Annabel Goldie. It is reported by RT.

Previously a member of the house of lords John Anderson appealed to the authorities of the UK and asked how the government assesses the safety of the North and Baltic seas because of the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the day of the Navy that this year the fleet will take 40 new ships.

Poland wanted to participate in the trial on the "Nord stream — 2"

Polish oil and gas company PGNiG filed in the Higher court of düsseldorf, the statement about "active participation" in the trial of the release of "Nord stream — 2" from the requirements of the updated EU Gas Directive.

The Chairman of the management Board of PGNiG Jerzy Kwiecinski tweeted.

The analyst called upon to answer the threat of the U.S. against the "Nord stream – 2"

Political Europe's response to U.S. sanctions against the project "Nord stream 2", told RIA Novosti the German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

Previously, the need "political response" to the threat of Washington sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream – 2", said in Vienna head of Austrian oil and gas Corporation OMV Rainer Seele, it was quoted by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In Germany, spoke about the largest over the 18 years of the invasion eared jellyfish

The reasons for the sensational invasion eared jellyfish, also known as eared Aurelia, in the Western part of the Baltic sea this year are connected with the sea currents and weather, said to RIA Novosti, the German biologist, specialist of the research center for ocean Helmholtz "GEOMAR" in Kiel and the technical University in Copenhagen Cornelia Jaspers.

"It varies from year to year. Last year Aurelius, for example, was not enough, this year a lot of them. It depends primarily on ocean currents, weather conditions and wind, as jellyfish can't swim against the current. But we have seen that in some years the number of jellyfish is very high. For example, in the Western part of the Baltic sea, from Flensburg to Kiel and lübeck it was recorded in 1982, 2002 and now," - said the expert.

Operator "Nord stream — 2" responded to reports about the suspension of work

The unfinished area of the "Nord stream-2" is not subject to seasonal restrictions of construction of the spawning cod, told RIA Novosti press-service of the operator of project Nord Stream AG 2.

Restrictions on work in the area of cod spawning overlap from July to August. They apply to construction in the Bornholm basin in the southwestern part of the Baltic sea.

Die Welt: the US is threatening the European contractors "Nord stream — 2"

U.S. authorities are increasing pressure on German and European companies involved in the construction of "Nord stream — 2", the newspaper "Die Welt" with reference to sources.

It is emphasized that the United States conducted two videoconferences with contractors of the gas pipeline from Germany and other European countries to "to indicate the far-reaching consequences for their further participation in the project". They were attended by representatives of the state Department, the Ministry of Finance and US Department of energy.

In Germany responded to statements about Pompeo "Nord stream — 2"

In the German government took note of the statements of the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo of sanctions in respect of the project of the pipeline "Nord stream 2", the position of Berlin on the project remains unchanged, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Cabinet.

"We have taken note of the statement of the foreign Minister of the United States. The position of the German government in regard to the "Nord stream 2" were presented many times and remains unchanged," - said the Agency.

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