Latest News - #The Arab-Israeli conflict

Netanyahu praised the willingness of the Israeli army

The Hezbollah must understand that the Israeli army is ready for any scenario and will do anything to protect themselves, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"I was under the impression that the IDF is well prepared for any possible scenario. We continue to act to thwart Iran's military presence in our region. We will do everything possible to protect yourself, and I suggest "Hezbollah" to take this simple fact into account. Israel ready for any scenario" - leads the office of the Prime Minister's statement, which he did after the morning safety assessment of the Northern regions the day after "a military incident" at the border.

The expert commented on the situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon

The tension between Israel and the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" is unlikely to turn into large-scale confrontation, Israel will not repeat the mistake of 2006, when the parties broke out an armed conflict, told RIA Novosti assistant Professor, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Sergey Demidenko.

Earlier it was reported the transfer by Israel of an additional infantry forces to the Northern border after Arab media reports about the death of a soldier of the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" as a result of the Israeli air force strike in the South of Damascus on July 20. The Israeli army refused to comment on the RIA Novosti reports that Syria's air defense repelled an Israeli attack in the skies over their capital. On Monday, the Israeli military has reported "incident" on the border with Lebanon, and residents are asked to stay home. Also, according to the Lebanese TV channel "al-Mayadin", the Israeli army opened fire on the settlement Kafarshuba in southern Lebanon.

Russia's Ambassador to Jordan praised the countries ' cooperation in the middle East

The positions of Russia and Jordan on the middle East peace process (STB) coincide, working together to find a solution to the Palestinian problem, which would satisfy all parties involved, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador in Amman Gleb Desyatnikov.

"Indeed, the approaches of our friendly countries to BWI traditionally close and I would even say the same. This largely determines the similarity of the manner in which the two States operate in order to facilitate the achievement of a lasting and just peace in the middle East, without which it is impossible and the resolution of other regional problems," said Desyatnikov.

UN calls to resume the middle East conflict

UN special coordinator for the middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov urged the middle East Quartet (Russia, US, UN, EU), Israel, Palestine, Arab countries urgently to re-engage in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

"I reiterate the Secretary-General (UN – amended) to the members of the middle East Quartet, the Arab countries, the leadership of Israel and Palestine to urgently re-engage. We need to restart diplomacy," said Mladenov.