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Turkish media published a video of the fight with the participation of Ukrainian top model

The Turkish edition of Snob magazine has published video of the incident with the Ukrainian model Daria Kirilyuk in the resort of Cesme on the Aegean sea.

Earlier Kirilyuk wrote in Instagram that he became the victim of an attack of security guards on the beach Momo. According to her, was only beaten by four girls. The administration has stated that the incident occurred outside its territory and its employees have no relation to him.

In RVIO spoke about the naval victory of the XVIII century, which is celebrated in Russia

Victory in the naval battle of Chesme - one of the most extraordinary in military history, so it became the day of military glory in Russia today, it is also associated with the legend of sailor Jack, told RIA Novosti expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms.

Russian sailors 250 years ago (July 7, 1770) in Chesmensky sea battle, one of the largest fleets of sailing vessels in the Aegean sea off the West coast of modern Turkey defeated the Ottoman fleet, which had overwhelming numerical and qualitative advantage. At the end of the battle Russia won access to the Black sea and the Mediterranean. Win played an important role in the conclusion of Kuchuk-Kainarji peace Treaty ended the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774.

It turned out, when do you plan to start regular flights to Turkey

It turned out, when do you plan to resume regular flights to Turkey, according to ATOR.

Turkish Airlines has announced a new date of resumption of flights abroad in July. In the Turkish carrier's schedule are flights to 123 international destinations in North America, Asia, middle East, Africa, Europe.