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In Thailand a drunk woman undressed and desecrated Buddhist temple

In Thailand, the tourist has angered local residents, naked climbing on a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, reports The Sun.

The footage, shot by passers-by, captured 28-year-old Farah Haque from Bangladesh. She sits naked on the railing, drinking from beer cans and rudely expressed.

Ukrainian blogger was killed in an accident in Thailand

In Thailand, road accidents killed Ukrainian blogger-traveler Valeria. About it Instagram said her close friend Anna Tokareva living in the Kingdom.

According to the girl, blogger died on 2 August in the province of Suratthani in the accident. Now close raise funds to transport the deceased home.

In Thailand returned to endangered tigers

For the first time in four years in the Western part of Thailand has spotted tigers under threat of extinction, according to Lonely Planet.

The wildlife Department of Thailand and the organization for the conservation of wild cats, announced that their camera traps captured Indochinese tigers.

Family and the Russian Embassy in the United States has lost communication with the booth, said his wife

The family of Russian businessman Viktor bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the United States and Russian diplomats in Washington have lost touch with the Russians, he hasn't called home since July 22, said RIA Novosti the businessman's wife Alla Bout.

Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand on us request in 2008 as a result of provocative operations of the American intelligence services and transported in the United States. In 2012, a jury in new York found the Russians guilty in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and material support of terrorism.

Tourists are told where they want to relax after the opening of the borders

Tourists interviewed by the online service, said if they are willing to change plans for the summer, if in the near future will open flights from a number of countries, reports OneTwoTrip.

Among the countries that in the near future may be possible, the media citing sources in the government called, for example, Hungary, Maldives, South Korea and UAE.

In Japan, we want to run the simplified system to test for coronavirus

To increase international business travel to the Japanese authorities plan to simplify the testing for coronavirus for business reports NewsOnJapan.

The Japanese government offers businessmen to take the test for the coronavirus before they are in the country. Authorities conduct the negotiations with 16 countries, including China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Thai government formally extended a state of emergency until 31 August

The Thai Cabinet on Wednesday at a meeting at the government House in Bangkok formally extended a state of emergency in the country in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 to 31 August, reported the press Secretary of the government Narumon Pinosylvin.

"The state of emergency in connection with the pandemic coronavirus infection was extended by the Cabinet of Ministers before 31 August for the submission of national security Council of Thailand," she said.

Experts told us how Thailand dealt with the first wave of coronavirus

Contrary to the opinion of the world health organization (who), the constant hot weather can play a role in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19, if complemented by healthy traditions and decisive action of the government, as happened in Thailand, I believe Thai experts told RIA Novosti about the factors that contributed to the victory of the country over the first wave of the coronavirus.

"We are here, of course, aware of research, which has allowed the who to draw a conclusion about the futility of high temperatures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. However, these studies have not been tested for a situation where large parts of the months the heat is above 35 degrees in the daytime," says infectious disease physician of Wanphen Atsumi, who in recent months involved in conducting epidemiological investigations of cases COVID-19 in several provinces of Thailand.

In Thailand, all foreigners will have to serve a two-week quarantine

In Thailand, all visiting foreigners will have to serve a two-week quarantine, according to The Thaiger.

The Minister of tourism and sports of Thailand Pipat Ratchataphan reported that all foreigners, regardless of their status and citizenship would be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Such a rule will act, in his words, "at least in the foreseeable future."

Export a flight from Bangkok to Moscow is scheduled for August 3

Export flight of Aeroflot airline on the route Bangkok-Moscow is scheduled for August 3, reported the Russian Embassy in Thailand.

"According to preliminary information, August 3, 2020 will be export flight AFL 271 operated by the airline "Aeroflot" on the route Bangkok-Moscow. Estimated time of departure – 12.00", - stated on the website of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country.

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