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In Thailand approved a draft law allowing same-sex marriages

The Thai Cabinet has approved and submitted to Parliament a draft law allowing registration of same-sex marriage and parenting by same-sex couples.

This is stated in the published on Wednesday on the website of the government of Thailand the minutes of the meeting, which was held the day before.

In Thailand appears the police special unit to monitor tourists

The Royal Thai police creates a special task force to track travelers infected with Covid-19, as the country is preparing to reopen its airspace for travelers, reports the Bangkok Post.

The purpose of innovation is to avoid future outbreaks of coronavirus.

In Pattaya arrested a Russian woman on suspicion of killing infant daughter

Russian woman detained by police in the resort town of Pattaya in Thailand after attempting suicide, she is suspected of murdering his year-old daughter, reports the Sunday news online portal Pattaya News, citing the police.

According to the information portal, police and rescue workers arrived on call in one of the condominiums in the district On CLIA in the Northern part of Pattaya for about 14.00 local time (10.00 GMT) and found a woman under the Windows of her apartment, located on the third floor with injuries, characteristic for falling from height. Called the police witnesses said that the woman tried to commit suicide, the newspaper reports.

In Britain, refused the coconut products made with monkeys

Several supermarket chains in the UK have refused from the sale of coconut products produced by "slave labour monkeys," reports the Telegraph with reference to the Asian branch of the international Organization for the struggle for animal rights (PETA).

A number of major supermarket chains in the UK, including Waitrose, Ocado, Co-op and Boots, were removed from the shelves of its stores products for the production of which used captive in Thailand wild monkeys.

Bars and clubs in Phuket opened, but asking for help

The owners of the bars and clubs of Patong has asked the government for help, reports The Phuket News.

The President of the Association of Patong entertainment business (REVA) Wirawit Reasonbut gave the government a written request for assistance and support to institutions and their employees. Since the beginning of April to the 1st of July bars and clubs were closed, now they started accepting visitors, but due to the lack of tourists count on a significant number of customers is not necessary.

On the beach of Thailand found an unusual nest of the leatherback turtle

The leatherback turtle nest with eggs was found on the beach, Thai Muang, North of Phuket, according to The Phuket News.

Head of the operational center of the Second marine national Park, Phuket Preop Plangger, explained that on the coast found traces of turtles.

Sentence Floor Whelan came into force

The sentence the convict to 16 years in prison for espionage American Semi Whelan came into force. Last day for appeal was on Thursday, now this term has expired.

Protection has previously stated that he would not waste time on appeal - entered into force verdict, the lawyer said, will accelerate the decision to exchange convict someone of serving a sentence abroad Russians. Prosecutors have not announced their plans, but informed the representative of Department were asked about the punishment, two years more strictly appointed. Theoretically, the Prosecutor could appeal against too lenient with his point of view, punishment.

Five resorts in Thailand are open to foreigners in August

Five resorts in Thailand can open up for foreign tourists in August, there will be allowed to bring guests from all countries, reports the Bangkok Post citing the Ministry of tourism and sports.

"Thailand can restart the international tourist market in August, earlier than expected. As Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak asked our Department to prepare for the resumption of the reception of foreign guests", — said the Minister of tourism and sports Fifat Ratchadaporn.

The sentence the convict for espionage Whelan came into force

The sentence the convict for espionage American Semi Whelan came into force, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov.

The Moscow city court on 15 June sentenced former us marine's Whelan to 16 years in prison for espionage, the defense has said it will appeal. A consequence of the plot of the case is not officially open: from the press release, the FSB followed that Whelan was detained in Moscow in late 2018 during spy promotions. The accused the last word said that espionage was not involved. The defense claims that American became a victim of provocation: he gave the flash drive that he had expected to see a photo of a tourist trip to Sergiev Posad.

In Thailand 783 Russians voted for amendments to the Constitution

In Thailand in voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation took part 783 people, said RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Bangkok, the territory of which was located the main polling station.

"Only in Thailand voted 783 Russian, 412 people in Bangkok and Pattaya, and 371 people on Phuket," - said the Agency diplomat.

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