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The jobs with the highest salaries

Experts in the field of IT and education, such as principals, can apply for high salary in August, the study of service Work.ru which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the study, head of Department of development of web projects with experience from three years to offer up to 150 thousand rubles a month, and frontend developer with experience of two years — from 130 to 150 thousand rubles.

First published video of the test of Russian drone-truck

Tests created in Russia BRAERON drone, which can fly at 300 kilometers with a payload of more than 200 kilograms, was caught on video.

The corresponding video is available at the disposal of RIA Novosti and published for the first time.

Named the new in-demand occupations

Every sixth company is waiting for the appearance of new professions in the next six to ten years, reported RIA Novosti Director of development systems of professional qualifications Institute of labour Irina Voloshin.

The emergence of new professions and updating the existing content associated with the modernization and development of the service sector and the widespread introduction of digital technologies, she said.

The plastic recycling and sequestration of carbon dioxide

Indian chemists in collaboration with British colleagues have created a nanoporous material, named as amorphous zeolite, which converts carbon dioxide into fuel and plastic from waste chemicals. The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution of non-biodegradable waste — the most important anthropogenic problems the solution of which I think scientists from different countries.

Apple has delayed the release of the new iPhone

American Corporation Apple is planning to release new models of iPhone for a few weeks later than usual, reported Bloomberg, citing a statement of the CFO Luka Maestri.

Apple plans to release its next iPhone "a few weeks later" than usual, Maestri said during the conference call after announcement of financial results. Last year the new model was presented at the end of September, respectively, this year their presentation is expected in October.

Roskoshestvo warned about the dangers of listening to music with headphones

Prolonged listening to headphones to loud music may cause hearing problems, said Roskoshestvo.

"Stereo headphones have become part of our life. Variations of this popular product on the market weight, because the headphones need to almost every owner of a smartphone or player. ... And remember: if you every day (for several hours) will listen with headphones to loud (over 80 decibels) music, there is a risk to get "in the country of the deaf" - are the organization words of the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loyev.

Became known, when will be held the second edition of Global Digital Talents

The second edition of international fashion show Global Digital Talents will be held from 4 to 6 September in an online format. This time the fashion event will focus on sustainable development, told RIA Novosti in the press service.

Now the organizers opened the reception of applications for participation (it will last until 9 August). Showcase your collection will be Moscow designers and brands of clothes, shoes and accessories that operate no more than five years and have worked at least one of the following areas: upcycling (re-using already finished products)

Automation training center "Pulkovo" will take the students

The Russian schoolchildren and students will be engaged in automation training center of the airport "Pulkovo", they will develop a special program for scheduling resources, said the "Sectarian movement" STI.

Hackathon Pulkovo.Hack will take place August 14-16 in online format. To take part in it will be the pupils of 8-11 classes and students of 1-2 courses of higher education institutions from all regions of the country. The best teams will be offered an internship at "Pulkovo", as well as to participate in the finals of the national competition "Digital breakthrough".

Avtoekspert appreciated the idea of introducing alcolocks in Russia

The idea of introducing alcolocks promising because it does not require large expenditures and some punitive measures for its implementation, according to the Chairman "Movements of motorists of Russia" Viktor Pokhmelkin.

The expert pointed out that the first such devices is forced to put on the cars, the owners who were deprived of rights for driving under the influence.

In Moscow went on sale the card "Troika" with the Soviet tanks

The card with the image of Soviet tanks appeared on racks "Live chat" and souvenir shops, metro, the press service of the Moscow subway on Wednesday.

"The card "Troika" with the image of Soviet tanks appeared at the information counters to "Live chat", and souvenir shops underground. Previously the cards could be purchased only in the online store of the metro at shop.mosmetro.ru. At the moment, for buyers available 10 variants of the card with images of Soviet tanks and a brief historical note about each of them. The circulation of each card was 10 thousand copies. Depicts the "Troika" of the model can also be seen in the game World of Tanks", - is spoken in the message.

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