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In Tbilisi detained the son of the former Prime Minister of Georgia

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia announced the arrest in Tbilisi on charge in deliberate drawing of heavy harm to health of the citizen, which, according to local media, was the son of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania.

Earlier, the Georgian broadcaster announced that in Tbilisi in the conflict injured the grandson of businessman and former MP Gogi Topadze Levan topaze. The press service of the Georgian interior Ministry later said about the arrest on the case of a man with the initials J. B.

In Georgia the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 1104

The number of identified cases of coronavirus in Georgia per day increased by 19 and reached 1104, reported on a special government website to monitor the disease.

"The number of cases identified - 1104, recovered by 912 persons, deaths - 16", - stated in the message.

Son-in-law of ex-President of Georgia detained for a fight, and illegal possession of weapons

Son of the former President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili of the Mindia Gogochuri, arrested for a brawl and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to TV company "Rustavi 2".

The Georgian interior Ministry has not yet released details of the incident, confirmed the information about detention of the Gogochuri.

The MP called on Georgia to restore full-fledged relations with Russia

The full restoration of relations with the neighboring countries, primarily Russia, will allow Georgia to overcome the crisis, said the head of the Duma Committee on civil society development Sergey Gavrilov.

Earlier in Tbilisi held a rally to mark the anniversary of anti-Russian rallies. The wave of such demonstrations, which resulted in the storming of Parliament and the dispersal of protesters by security forces, took place in Tbilisi on 20-21 June 2019 after the Deputy of the state Duma, the President of the inter-parliamentary Association of Orthodoxy Gavrilov during the session map in Tbilisi on the rights of the President of this organization took the position of head of the Parliament of Georgia.

Prime Minister of Georgia commented on the detention of Russians in Tbilisi

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia, speaking about the detention of Russians in Tbilisi, said that the country has averted a serious crime.

The state security service of Georgia reported that during the RAID, which took place last week, delayed the Russians for the preparation and use of false documents, but in the case of the preparation of the assassination. Neither the circumstances of the detention and the name of the detainee is not known, and indicated only by his initials - B. V. Previously, the General Director of the opposition TV company "Mtavari arch" Nika Gvaramia stated that the detainee is a Russian citizen named Nasambek Sides, he was allegedly planning to eliminate leading George Gabunia, obscenely insulted the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the air in the summer of 2019.