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Daughter of the assumption showed the effects of serious injuries

The daughter of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya – Tatyana Plaksina – shared with subscribers in Instagram shocking photo, taken at the hospital. The footage was filmed in September 2018, after the girl fell off her bike in Costa Rica.

"I broke his jaw and lost seven front teeth — written by the daughter of the assumption. — I had to have six surgeries for bone grafting. Now I'm ready for implants".

"You're an accomplice to this crime": the assumption the daughter accused the mother "greed"

The daughter of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatiana Plaksina on his page on Instagram was criticized representatives of show business, accusing its mother in "profit on degradation".

Plaksina said that "impersonal crowd" manipulates the representatives of show business. According to her, pop stars because of silence and indifference "sold all".