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In Syria, the Russian military voted for amendments to the Constitution

The Russian military, which is now in Syria, took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution, their votes they gave on the Russian air base Hamim, item logistics of the Russian Navy Tartus, as well as remote observation posts and the places of deployment of the military police, departments of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties.

Voting took place under strict anti-epidemic measures. Before the arrival of the troops all the polling stations and the surrounding area treated specialists of the NBC protection, all voting temperature was measured, were given gloves and disinfecting hands.

"In front of them vulnerable, any Armada": what weapon has staked Russia

Compact, stealth, maneuverability and Arsenal, firepower comparable to a large armament of destroyers and cruisers in the sea is being tested, another small rocket ship project 22800 "Odintsovo". The Navy will get eighteen such MRK — they will be distributed between the Baltic, black sea and Pacific fleets. About the fighting capabilities and tactics of the rocket "kids" in the material RIA Novosti.

Small missile ships of the project 22800, or "black widow" began to develop in the 2010s, the first model introduced in 2015. According to the classification of IRAS refer to the ships of the third rank or small corvettes: length — 70 meters width — 11 meters, full load displacement — a total of 870 tons. "Widow" — the continuation of the IRS's previous generation of "Buyan-M" existing in the Baltic sea and the Caspian sea.