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The US special envoy for DPRK began arrived in Japan

The US special envoy on North Korea, assistant Secretary of state Stephen began arrived on Thursday in Tokyo after a trip to Seoul, where he discussed the issues related to the situation around the DPRK, said the Agency Kyodo.

According to him, began already met over dinner with Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan by Takeo Akiba, do, presumably, discussed the situation in connection with the adoption in China of a law on national security of Hong Kong. Japan acceded to the concerns of Western countries regarding human rights in the former British colony.

In Japan, talked about the aftermath of floods

The Ministry of defense of Japan will receive up to 20 thousand troops in the disaster area caused by heavy rains on the island of Kyushu, said Tuesday the Agency Kyodo.

According to him, currently, the floods and landslides busy 10 thousand military, but now decided to double their strength given the scale of the damage.

The defense Ministry of Japan for the first time will hold an auction for the budget

The Ministry of defense of Japan decided to hold its first auction in order to obtain additional funds in the budget, said at a press conference by the defense Minister Taro Kono.

Despite the fact that the defence budget of Japan is growing for the eighth consecutive year and amounted to 5.3 trillion yen (49 billion dollars) in precarious financial conditions in the country, the Ministry decided to make its contribution to the replenishment.

Japan defence Ministry explained the refusal to host U.S. missile defense system

Fear of falling rocket boosters on residential neighborhoods have become the only reason for which Japan has refused to deploy on its territory the U.S. missile defense system Aegis Ashore, said Thursday at a press conference at the foreign journalists club in Tokyo, Japanese defense Minister Taro Kono.

"This is the only reason," he said.

Japan has refused to place an American missile defense system

Japan refused the plan for the deployment of us ground-based missile defense Aegis Ashore, Kyodo news Agency reported, citing defense Minister Taro Kono.

He had previously announced its intention to withdraw from Aegis Ashore due to their cost, speed of deployment and a number of technical problems.

In Japan called the probable affiliation unknown submarine

Discovered in the contiguous zone of the territorial waters of Japan, an unidentified submarine, presumably, is Chinese. This opinion was expressed at a press conference defence Minister of Japan, Taro Kono.

"Presumably, this is the Chinese submarine" - quoted the Minister Agency Kyodo.

Media: Japan intends to cancel the deployment of US missile defense system

The government of Japan in the course of the next week meeting of the national security Council intends to cancel the plan to deploy American ground-based missile defense system Aegis Ashore, transfers TV channel NHK.

Earlier this week, the head of the Japanese Ministry of defense Taro Kono said to stop the process of deploying ground-based missile defense systems in the prefectures of Akita, in the North-West of the country and in Yamaguchi in the South-West until 2023, the radius of these systems, as expected, could cover the whole country. The Minister argued that the adjustments that are necessary in order to ensure the rocket boosters after launch strictly within the boundaries of the polygon, not on residential areas, will require very large financial cost and time.

The foreign Minister appreciated Japan's intention to abandon the us missile defense systems

Moscow will follow the steps Tokyo after the statements of the Japanese authorities to suspend the deployment of Aegis Ashore complexes, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"We drew attention to the statements of some official representatives of the Japanese intention to "suspend the implementation of plans to deploy missile defense systems Aegis Ashore land-based in the territory of the country." Consider the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan ... with regard to any changes to the rate of Japan to increase military-political cooperation with the United States did not happen. We will track the development of this story, first of all, to follow any of the current claims, the specific steps of the Japanese leadership, particularly in the missile field, which has a direct impact on the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region," Zakharova said at the briefing.

The Minister of defense of Japan appreciated the plan of placing us missile defense system

Defense Minister of Japan, Taro Kono called plans for deployment of ground-based missile defense system Aegis Ashore "irrational", he stated at a meeting of the security Committee of the Parliament of the country.

The decision to stop the process of placing ground-based missile defense system Aegis Ashore, adopted on Monday was a complete surprise for the majority of the population.