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The Asian development Bank to help Tajikistan in the fight against COVID-19

The Asian development Bank (ADB) has allocated to Tajikistan a grant of $ 928 thousand dollars for the purchase of additional PPE for healthcare workers fighting the pandemic coronavirus, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of office of the ADB in Dushanbe Tatiana Evstifeeva.

"The ADB grant in 928 thousand dollars will be used to purchase medical supplies, including protective overalls, aprons, masks, gloves, Shoe covers, face shields, hats and other items," said she.

In Tajikistan, another 44 people got sick COVID-19

In Tajikistan in recent days, there were 44 new cases COVID-19, told RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of health and social protection.

"As of Wednesday evening, in Tajikistan registered 44 new cases of coronavirus in the country is now 7320 patients COVID-19", - said the Agency interlocutor.

In Tajikistan per day revealed 41 cases of infection with coronavirus

Forty-one new case of infection COVID-19 registered in Tajikistan over the past day, told RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of health and social protection.

"As of Tuesday night in Tajikistan was 41 new disease is a coronavirus, the country now 7276 patients COVID-19", - said the Agency interlocutor.

Among the dead in road accident near Volgograd have children

A criminal case was initiated after the Congress of the car in an irrigation canal near Volgograd, in which killed eight people, including three children, said senior assistant head of SUCK Russia for the Volgograd region Natalia Rudnik.

Earlier it was reported that on Monday in an irrigation ditch near the village Verhnetulomsky sredneakhtubinskiy district discovered a Renault Logan with traces of an accident. The police reported that, according to the preliminary version, the driver of the car lost control and slid into an irrigation canal, eight people in the car were killed: six women and two men.

In Tajikistan, identified 43 new cases of coronavirus during the day

In Tajikistan over the past day were registered 43 new cases COVID-19 and one fatal case, said to RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of health and social protection.

"In Tajikistan, as of the evening of 27 July, the number of infected COVID-19 reached 7235 people, which is 43 more than last Sunday, recorded one fatal case," - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, up to the present time, the country was cured 6028 people, or 83.3% of those infected with the coronavirus. The number of deaths from this disease in the country has reached 60 people.

Tajikistan declared the presence of its citizens in Syrian camps

About 500 Tajik citizens are in the camps of Syria, 286 of them women and children, told reporters, Tajik Minister of foreign Affairs Sirojiddin muhriddin.

"In Syria, about 500 citizens of Tajikistan, including 286 women and children are in camps of opposition groups controlled by the Kurds," he said.

Tajikistan takes measures against the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan

Tajikistan is taking all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan, the border is controlled, said, answering the question of RIA Novosti, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, sirodjidin muhriddin.

"The situation on the Tajik-Afghan border remains tense, as on the adjacent side (Afghanistan) of the group of militants recent attacks on government positions of power structures of Afghanistan. But we take all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan to Tajikistan," he said.

Tajikistan limited the number of guests at weddings due to coronavirus

Tajikistan because of the coronavirus have introduced new regulations and a wedding service, reported the press-Secretary of the Committee on Affairs of religion, streamlining of national traditions, celebrations and rituals under the government of the country Afshin Mukim.

"On the basis of Protocol Commission of the meeting of the government of Tajikistan to prevent the spread of coronavirus to continue the wedding will be held in the family circle with the minimum number of invited guests", - he said.

Tajikistan is interested in testing a Russian vaccine against COVID-19

The Minister of health of Tajikistan djamoliddin Abdullozoda said RIA Novosti that the country is closely monitoring the trial of a vaccine against the new coronavirus in Russia and noted that as they pass, Dushanbe will ask Russia to provide it.

"We carefully and watching with interest the preclinical testing of vaccine COVID-19. Once it passes clinical trials, we refer to the Russian colleagues with the request to provide it to us," he said.

In Tajikistan the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 7104

The number of cases of coronavirus in Tajikistan as of Friday evening has grown by 44% and reached 7104, told RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of health and social protection of the population.

"In recent days the number of cases COVID-19 increased by 44 and reached 7104 people", - said the Agency interlocutor.

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