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"Terrifying": the media talked about a new era after the appearance of the s-500

Egyptian Sasapost spoke about the new era of the rule of Russia in the arms market with the advent of anti-aircraft missile systems s-500.

As the newspaper notes, the system is capable of hitting ten ballistic missiles at the same time, even if their speed is from 18 to 25 thousand kilometers per hour. Prometheus can also shoot down missiles and aircrafts at the altitude of up to 200 kilometers.

A U.S. Senate Committee approved a defense budget of 740 billion dollars

The U.S. Senate Committee on armed services approved the defense budget of 740 billion dollars, according to the results of the vote.

For the bill voted 25 members of the Committee were against two. The bill still must make the full composition of the Senate, then it should be agreed with the project of the house of representatives and, if necessary, vote again, and only then he will be President Donald Trump.