Latest News - #T-80

In Murmansk the T-34 led the convoy of vehicles on the Victory parade

Military parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of Soviet people over fascist Germany in the great Patriotic war, took place in Murmansk, a mechanized column was headed by the legendary T-34 tank, and completed the passage of air and air defense force of the Northern fleet, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Events were held in the hero-city of Murmansk under the leadership of the Northern fleet commander Hero of Russia Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev. As reported in the Northern fleet, just military parades in the city of Murmansk and Severomorsk involved about 1,5 thousand people and 72 pieces of modern and historical military equipment.

In Ekaterinburg in the parade will be attended by a platoon of the guard of honor of the women

Platoon of the guard of honor of military women for the first time participate in the Victory parade in Yekaterinburg on June 24, said Tuesday the commander of the Central military district (CVO) Colonel-General Alexander Lapin.

"It is the anniversary of the military parade will be the inclusion of walking columns of a historical component soldiers with banners fronts, ceremonial payments in the form of infantry, airmen and sailors of the great Patriotic war