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The Australian government has announced Sydney as the new hotbed of coronavirus

Sydney in the Australian state of New South Wales announced a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the country because of the larger number of infected, said the Premier of Queensland Anastasia of Palauk.

"Sydney is now declared a hotbed COVID-19. Saturday 01.00 (18.00 GMT Friday), none of Sydney will not be admitted to the territory of Queensland. We move quickly and put the health of residents of Queensland in the first place," - said in a statement, Palasek on Twitter.

Koalas may become extinct in the Australian New South Wales 2050

Koalas in the Australian state of New South Wales could be extinct by 2050 unless urgent measures for the protection of their environment, to such conclusion representatives of the upper house of Parliament of the state which carried out the investigation on the subject and published a report.

Also, the population reduction was influenced by the work on the clearing of land for agriculture, construction, mining and logging, and climate change. In the state were often of a severe drought. The chair noted that the official data on which the staff there are 36 thousand koalas have become obsolete. According to her, the fire killed five thousand koalas, though, it's possible that a lot more.

In Australia, the police detained two suspects in the desecration of the monument

Police in the Australian province of New South Wales have arrested two women on suspicion of desecration of a monument to the British discoverer captain James cook.

Two women, 27 and 28, were arrested and taken to the police station. They found the bag with the aerosol spray paint.

In Australia about seven thousand people attended the anti-racist action

About seven thousand people in several cities of Australia taking part in demonstrations in support of refugees and the movement Black Lives Matter who are against the violence against black people, reports the Australian television and radio ABC.

Demonstrations and protests were held in Perth, Darwin, Rockhampton, Brisbane and Melbourne. The largest rally in support of Black Lives Matter was held in Perth – according to preliminary data, in it have taken part about 5 thousand people. Demonstrators wore masks and kept between the recommended distance. In Darwin to protest came about two thousand people. In Brisbane, to Express support for the imprisoned refugees, there were about 100 people in Melbourne about 20 people in Sydney is about 60.

In Sydney, the police prevented a protest against racism

The Australian police prevented the holding of the Sydney protests associated with the movement Black Lives Matter who are against the violence against black people, reports the SBS.

As stated in the description of the action in Facebook, a demonstration was organized in support of prisoners of the Sydney jail, against which informed the prison authorities used tear gas to end the riots in the prison yard. After that, the prisoners put letters on the ground BLM relating to the movement Black Lives Matter.

In Australia, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the anti-racist protests

Tens of thousands of people on Saturday gathered in Australia on the stock of the movement Black Lives Matter in connection with the death in the U.S. African-American George Floyd, reports channel ABC News.

Protests have already begun in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. In the last of the action gathered a few dozen thousand people, noted that the demonstration organizers and volunteers handed out to the participants of the mask and provide a disinfectant for the hands.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Central Sydney because of the death of Floyd in the United States

Hundreds of protesters gathered Tuesday night outside the Parliament building in the heart of Sydney in connection with the death of the African-American George Floyd in the United States, and in support of the indigenous people of Australia, TV channel 7News.

Reportedly, the protesters are holding signs reading Black Lives Matter, "Stop killing innocents", "No justice, no peace", "Australia is not innocent". Currently, the protest is peaceful.

From Australia returned home 14 Russians

Fourteen Russians, temporarily stationed in Australia, with the assistance of the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation returned to his homeland, it is spoken in the message of Embassy of the Russian Federation.

"Fourteen Russian citizens, temporarily present in Australia, with the assistance of the Russian Embassy in Australia and the Consulate General in Sydney has returned home. They flew commercial flights on 28 may in Paris and Frankfurt and on may 29 in London, where he was taken on Board export flights "Aeroflot". The transit was closely involved in the Russian Embassy in Paris and London and the Consulate General in Frankfurt am main. All work was carried out under the supervision of the coordinating staff of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia", - stated in the message of the Russian Embassy in Australia.

In Australia, the lions almost mauled a zookeeper

Two lions attacked the employee of the Australia zoo in the city of Shoalhaven Nowra, the woman is hospitalized in critical condition, reports the Australian TV channel ABC.

The ambulance crew found the victim lying unconscious with serious injuries to the head and neck. The lions attacked the 35-year-old woman when she was cleaning the cages of animals.