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In Sweden the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 5.5 thousand people

The number of fatal cases of infection with coronavirus, reached in Sweden on Thursday of 5.5 thousand, follows from the statistics published by the public health Agency of Sweden.

According to the Agency, only the number of confirmed infections reached 74 333. Died a total of 5 500 patients with coronavirus. It is noted that 2 470 infected patients have required intensive care.

The head of the European Council talked about the differences in EU recovery Fund

The President of the European Council Charles Michel told the European Parliament on progress in the negotiations on the multi-year financial plan for the 2021-2027 years and to Fund European economic recovery after the crisis COVID-19, noting that differences remain.

"States have agreed to discuss together multi-year financial plan and Fund recovery. All agree that there must be an unprecedented response to an unprecedented crisis. All agree that it is necessary to focus on regions and sectors of the economy, more than any other affected by the pandemic," said Michelle.

Madrid and Rome hope that the EU will come to an agreement on anti-crisis Fund

Italy and Spain believe that the EU will be able in July to agree on the agreement on anti-crisis Fund, stated after the meeting in Madrid premiere of Pedro Sanchez and Giuseppe Conte.

"July is the month of the agreement. Must be the month of the agreement. We all have a responsibility to make sure that it was the month of the agreement," said Sanchez, commenting on the possibility of reaching agreement at the EU summit on July 17-18.

Austria will limit COVID-19 for arriving from a number of countries

Austria imposes restrictions for the entering of Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria due to deteriorating in these countries the situation of coronavirus, said Wednesday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

The Austrian authorities record growth in the number of patients with coronavirus - in the last days again revealed over a hundred new infected per day, as it was in April, and attributed this development, in particular, with the "importing" the infection from other countries.

Kiev may appeal to the court of justice in the case of the downed Boeing in Iran

Kyiv may appeal to international court of justice in the case of the downed Boeing on 8 January, "International airlines of Ukraine", declared on Monday to journalists by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Evgeny ENIN.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine reported that the examination of flight recorders from the downed in Iran on 8 January Boeing "Ukraine International airlines" will start in France on 20 July and will last up to five days.

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Sweden exceeded 73 thousand

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Sweden on Monday reached 73 thousand people, according to the Swedish Agency for healthcare.

According to the Agency, only the number of confirmed cases has reached 73 061. Died a total of 5 433 patients with coronavirus. It is noted that 2 461 infected patient required intensive care.

In Greece, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 3486

In Greece in recent days revealed 28 new cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 13 are detected under the control for entering the country, reported Friday the national organization of public health.

The total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic has increased to 3486 people, of which 799 (22.9 per cent) are considered to be associated with travel abroad, and 1922 (55,1%) with known HIV infections.

Arrived from Sweden tourist with coronavirus day walking through Athens

After the resumption from 1 July Charter flights to Greece arrived the tourists were made 3611 tests for coronavirus and 11 of air travelers revealed Covid-19, with one infected tourist from Sweden, the day was walking through Athens, according to Greek public television ERT.

Seven more cases of the coronavirus was diagnosed in the campers.

Ukraine has received Sweden's assistance to eliminate the consequences of floods

Ukraine has received aid from Sweden for the elimination of consequences of floods in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, said on Friday the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Last week the interior Ministry of Ukraine has introduced emergency security measures because of bad weather in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions of the country. Heavy precipitation also affected the Lviv, Transcarpathian and Ternopil region. In the state service for emergency situations said that due to the bad weather, three people were killed and another was missing. The Cabinet has allocated for liquidation of consequences of flooding of about $ 28 million. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has been asked to help the countries of the European Union and NATO.

Finnish authorities have denied the rumors about the radiation from Russia

The Central authority responsible in Finland for radiation and nuclear safety, denied on Friday the rumors about radiation from Russia.

"The rumors circulating in the social networks, warning about the dangers of radiation in Finland caused fire on Russian nuclear power plant are untrue," - said in the message of Management on radiation and nuclear safety (STUK) on Twitter.

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