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Belarusian law enforcers have complained the protests received injuries

Law enforcement officers of Belarus told about the injuries sustained during clashes with protesters in the country. Video with their participation published on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of interior of Belarus.

Employee of the Minsk police Department said that he was in the hospital once during one of the unauthorized actions of the security forces was attacked.

In Minsk ended the campaign in support of Lukashenka and the opposition

Today in Minsk hosted two of the action — in support of Alexander Lukashenko and the opposition rallies. About how events developed in the capital of Belarus — in the material RIA Novosti.

Telegram held among Belarusians poll about the presidential election

Official Telegram channel in Belarus has created an anonymous survey, which asked residents to report for whom they voted in the presidential election.

According to the survey on 03:46 16 August in Moscow, Svetlana Tikhanovski voted 53 per cent of users for the incumbent President, Alexander Lukashenko — two percent.

Lukashenko announced the agreement with Putin on the issue of safety

Alyaksandr Lukashenka revealed details of telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin, and noted that the Russian leader agreed to assist Belarus when asked about security.

The Belarusian leader reminded of the existence of the agreement between Moscow and Minsk in the framework of the Union state and the CSTO.

The head of the CEC of Belarus explained the appeal Tikhanovski in his office

The head of the CEC of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina has confirmed that Svetlana Tikhanovski, to run for President, has recorded a video message to supporters in her office.

"It's my couch. She wrote this appeal without me," said the Chairman of the electoral Commission in an interview with the Belarusian edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The expert assessed the statement about "money for destabilization" in Belarus from Russia

The Russian expert, a specialist on the former Soviet Union Andrei Suzdaltsev called the nonsense words of the member of the initiative group of former presidential aspirant in Belarus Victor Babariko Yury Voskresensky, who broadcast the state TV channel "Belarus 1" said that he had accepted money from Moscow's politicians for "destabilizing the situation" in the country.

"Belarus 1" on Thursday evening aired the confession of the resurrection, who said on camera that he met with political analyst Dmitry Balkanton, later he introduced his colleague, Andrei Suzdaltsev. According to Voskresensky, for a reward he offered to "communicate further on the subject of the study of the socio-political situation in the Republic of Belarus", Balconet allegedly told him about the intention to destabilize the political situation in the country ahead of the elections. Under the statement of the resurrection, Bolkunets "get at the meeting of 30 thousand rubles from his personal funds with the words "democracy" and advised them to convey for purchasing laser pointers in case of use of violence by Riot police". Seeing the recent developments in the Republic, the resurrection "decided to turn himself in" to the KGB, which outlined all available information about the offense, realizing that it was used "as pawns blindly Moscow puppeteers".

Belarusians threw it in the trash in the form of special forces

A few people who claim to have served in law enforcement agencies of Belarus, has recorded a video in which they throw their shape. In footage posted on the page in Instagram.

Evgeny Novitsky from the satellite city of Minsk Logoysk posted on his Instagram video, which his brother says that he can not be proud of where he served, and cannot store the form that is visible stripe "special forces", at home, and then throws it in the trash.

Prigogine Spivakov criticized for refusing Lukashenko awarded the order of

Producer Joseph Prigogine said on the air of NSN solution conductor Vladimir Spivakov to abandon awarded by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko the order of Francysk Skaryna, not supporting such a move.

"The order was awarded for humanism it Spivakov, for his achievements. He is the owner of this order by right as someone who is a cultural bridge between our countries and peoples," he said.

Lead was a result of "Belarus 1" announced the dismissal of

The leading military program "Arsenal" on the TV channel "Belarus 1" Vladimir Burko announced in Instagram about his dismissal.

Earlier similar decision was reported by other presenters channel - Evgeny Perlin and Olga Belmac.

In Minsk the riot police opened fire on those standing on the balconies people

In Minsk law enforcement agencies opened fire on people standing on the balconies of apartment houses, according to Sputnik of Belarus. Video of the incident posted on YouTube.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the metro station "Grushevka" on the prospectus Dzerzhinsky.

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