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Sugar in baby food acknowledged dangerous for adults

Go to baby food in the hope that it will help you to lose weight, don't. Why diet foods for kids is not suitable for healthy lifestyle, told radio Sputnik leading fitness is heading on TV, "Friday", dietician-nutritionist Arina Skoromnaya.

Of course, baby food safer "adult" food, in the sense that there are no GMOs, flavorings, preservatives and dyes. But it is the sugar. And this is one reason why nutritionists advise adults go to food for kids, says Arina Skoromnaya.

The scientist explained why the Russians need to eat less salt

Russians on average consume 12 grams of salt per day if recommended by who and the Ministry of health the rate of five grams, said the head of the scientific direction of Optimal nutrition "FITS of food and biotechnology," Alexander Baturin.

Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and saturated fat, as explained by the scientist may lead to the development of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases.

Called foods that trigger aging

Dietitian Advisory and diagnostic center "health and sports nutrition" FITS of food and biotechnology Tamara Pranava told what foods should be included in the diet to avoid premature aging.

Harmful nutritionist called highly processed products that contain at least five additives – dyes, flavors, preservatives, thickeners, and others. This category includes hot dogs, sausages, store-bought meatballs and other semi-finished products, pastries, dairy desserts, soda.

The CPS told how much sugar can kids

Children up to three years sugar to give is not recommended for children from 3 to 10 years can not give more than three teaspoons a day, it is desirable that the child received sugar from fruit instead of candy and cookies, according to the CPS.

Recommendations published in the international children's day, celebrated on 1 June.