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"This is something new": NATO figured out how to fight against the Russian tanks

To detect, to specify the coordinates, identify the target and transmit the command to destroy American defense Agency advanced development DARPA has announced a competition to create technology to automatically detect moving ground vehicles and even to determine its type. This development is part of the global concept of "mosaic war." About the features of the new strategy of the Pentagon — in the material RIA Novosti.

DARPA invites all interested companies to submit algorithms that will help the synthetic aperture radar to pinpoint the location of ground vehicles in motion. In the specification it is specified that the speed of the tank or the APC can be very small — such targets are difficult to detect. The new technology is planned to test drones that will teach you to find your own camouflaged on the ground armored vehicles.

Military expert revealed the details of the flight "swarm" in military aviation

Former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops of the air force Sergey Kotylev in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" told about the features of techniques of the "swarm" in military aviation.

According to the military, the technology of "swarm" or "flock" is not new, and has been applied on the aircraft after working on the drones.

Good news from the main enemy of the United States: a Chinese expert admired the su-57

Russia made a breakthrough in the development of a fifth generation fighter, the su-57, experienced an unmanned airplane mode, says expert Chinese portal Sohu.

He recalled that the U.S. air force recently losing one aircraft at a time.