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U.S. military aircraft conducted a reconnaissance off the coast of Crimea

The US Navy aircraft conducted a reconnaissance of the coast of the Crimea, from the data of the monitoring of the resource PlaneRadar.

At 07:40 Moscow time anti-submarine aircraft P-8A Poseidon tail number 169328 rose from an air base in Sigonella on the island of Sicily. Boeing crossed the airspace of Bulgaria, and at 11:00 MSK was seen in the Black sea, where he began a reconnaissance operation near the Russian border.

Published video intercept American aircraft over the Black sea

The defense Ministry has posted a video of the interception by American military aircraft over neutral waters of the Black sea.

The footage can be seen of the P-8A Poseidon us Navy, strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 tanker aircraft KC-135 the U.S. air force.

In the Federation Council commented on the flight of the bombers of the U.S. air force at the border

. The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov has commented on the interception of U.S. bombers over the sea of Okhotsk.

According to him, such flights are conducted to check the readiness of air defense systems, and tracking systems.

Russian fighter jets escorted a US air force aircraft over the sea of Okhotsk

The Russian air force was raised in the air fighters to intercept American bombers-52N over the sea of Okhotsk, Russian border they are not violated, stated in the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, over the past 1.5 weeks, the U.S. air force themselves twice raised the fighters in the air to escort Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS in the same area, near the border of Russia and the USA.

Posted a video of the interception of American B-1B Russian fighter

The defense Ministry has posted a video of the interception of American bombers B-1B Lancer of the Russian HQs.

Earlier the military said that fighter jets forced to turn the American planes away from the Russian border.