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In Transbaikalia ended exercises with the participation of six thousand troops

Large-scale exercises involving 6 thousand military ended in Transbaikalia, reports the press service of the Eastern military district on Friday.

"In Zabaikalsky Krai on the range "Tsugol" the conduct of the stage firing at night completed a large-scale tactical exercises with troops TSB under the guidance of the district commander Gennady Liquid", - stated in the message.

The Russian military treated from COVID-19 streets of the town of Kant in Kyrgyzstan

The specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) of the Russian military base held a special treatment from coronavirus of streets and public places in the town of Kant in Kyrgyzstan, according to the Central military district (CVO).

As noted by the chief of chemical corps of the Russian military base, captain Vladislav Zhamkov, "at the request of the city administration Kant" command base decided to be disinfected, "the city's major roads, public transport and entrances to major shopping centers." "The soldiers of the airfield technical units successfully accomplished the assigned task" - are words in the message Zhamkov.

Posted a video of the firing of su-25СМ3

TV channel "Zvezda" published a video of the firing of su-25СМ3 the Russian space forces.

The footage, shot from the cockpit, shows a missile strike on a simulated enemy, as well as formation flying stormtroopers.

The hero of Russia told how he came under fire on the su-25

Range aviation commander, Hero of Russia, Lieutenant General Sergey kobylash in an interview with TV channel "Star" told how during the execution of the task in August 2008, came under heavy shelling on its su-25.

"My wingman on the radio said: "Comrade commander, you start", — he shared the events of that day.

"This has not been" Russia will get a new weapon for strikes on the area

Several dozen ammunition from, high precision, hundreds of square meters of scorched earth in the Russian space forces will soon receive the latest missiles and precision-guided glide bombs. The designers have developed to attack aircraft are relatively inexpensive and effective against armored vehicles weapons. How it works — in the material RIA Novosti.

Unguided missiles (NAR) C-8ОФП "the anti-tank Riflemen" Armed forces will receive in 2021-M. the first new ammunition will equip the aircraft of army aviation su-25 and helicopters Mi-8. From NARS to the previous generation of "anti-tank" feature that can break through the barriers in front of goal and not destroyed, to continue the flight.

"Surprised everyone" in the Ukraine and turned it into a combat aircraft

About a hundred modern multi-role fighters, advanced drones, new transport aircraft, disposal of obsolete machines — information and consulting Agency Defense Express, published a plan for the development of Ukrainian military aircraft to 2035. It has already approved the Military Council of the Air forces of the country. The plans are very ambitious: for 15 years, in fact, to create a new kind of troops. About how this is really taking into account the current state of the APU and the economic situation — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the document we are talking mainly about the re-equipment of tactical aircraft. The vast majority of existing machines — patched-pereletnye, from the Soviet times and in good, has long been to be written off. To update the fleet of the Ukrainian authorities plan to spend a record $ 200 billion hryvnia — $ 7.5 billion at the current exchange rate. Note that the entire military budget of Ukraine in 2020 — a little more than 100 billion hryvnia.