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"Pushkin's a slaver". Why Zelensky also became Ukrainization

The party of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has threatened mass protests "if the government still goes on about the revanchist Pro-Russian forces and allow an extraordinary session on the language issue". The indignation of the nationalists provoked a little put off Ukrainization of Russian-language schools. In the result, the Verkhovna Rada did not dare to accept this bill. Can we assume that the street shouted down the Parliament and makes Zelensky to do the same as its predecessor — versed RIA Novosti.

Nationalists with the slogan "do Not give to step on the Ukrainian language", "don't like the language — over in Rostov" held a meeting at walls of the Verkhovna Rada. They were indignant because of the document submitted to the Parliament Deputy of the faction "servant of the people" Maxim Buganski.

Attempt to stop leak. Why listening to presidents of Ukraine

In the office of the President of Ukraine is preparing a law criminalizing the publication of closed-door talks officials. Recently, Kyiv has once again appeared in the scandal center from-for published interviews the former head of state Petro Poroshenko and Joe Biden. Will the threat of criminal punishment to prevent such leaks — versed RIA Novosti.

Legislative intent the office of the President Andrey Ermak said in an interview with The Washington Post. "Not normal when someone writes the head of state," he reasoned.

The police expelled journalists from the action of radicals near the court in Kiev

The police expelled journalists from the action of radicals who rally at the walls of the building of the court of Shevchenko in Kiev, Ukraine, where was elected the measure of restraint ex-to the head of the Odessa cell "Right sector" Sergey Sternenko on the murder case, said on Monday the chief editor of the Ukrainian Internet-editions "Strenia" Igor Guzhva.

In may 2018, unknown assailants attacked Sternenko, he was hospitalized. One of the attackers on Sternenko was wounded in the stomach and died. The eleventh of June, the press center of the security Service of Ukraine reported that the police suspect Sternenko of premeditated murder and illegal possession of bladed weapons.

Szhu urged not to divide members of the media on the "right and wrong"

The national Union of journalists condemned the division in the country, members of the media on the "right and wrong" and urged law enforcement officers to make proper efforts to combat the preventing of journalistic activity.

According to Massouse, during protests in Kiev on 11-12 June, supporters of former head of the Odessa cell "Right sector" Sergey Sternenko let journalistic employees of the news Agency "Шарий.net". Correspondents were called "propagandists" and their came the threat, and by June 12 they had to use physical force.