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In Sweden the number of cases COVID-19 reached 70,6 thousand people

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Sweden on Thursday reached 70,6 thousand people, it's almost a thousand more than the previous day, according to the Swedish Agency for healthcare.

The number of new reported cases of deaths increased by 41 and exceeded 5.4 thousand. "As you know, data on deaths are available with some delay. If we look at the number of deaths per day for the last ten days, we will see that this figure is decreasing," - said at a press conference, Deputy chief epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Wallensten.

Sweden has published statistics of mortality from COVID-19 in Stockholm

Mortality from COVID-19 in Stockholm in the peak of morbidity at the end of March amounted to 0.6 percent, according to a new report, health protection Agency of Sweden.

The experts note a significant difference between age groups.

The Prime Minister of Sweden commented on the closure of the case of Olof Palme

Prime Minister Stefan lofven on Wednesday welcomed the closure of the high-profile case of the murder in 1986 of Prime Minister Olof Palme, noting that it would be preferable if prosecutors could provide evidence of guilt of the Stig Engström.

"Better still would be physical evidence. But still, the current investigation has achieved more results than all the previous ones," said löfven during a press conference.

In Sweden the campaign against racism was held without detentions

Action in support of the movement against racism Black Lives Matter in Malmo, Sweden, last Thursday, ended with no arrests and injuries, according to Sveriges Radio.

The organizers received a permit Thursday to hold the event in the area of Malmo Ribersborg provided that participation in it will accept no more than 50 people. This limitation is due to the ban on the Assembly of groups of more than 50 people, issued by the Swedish Agency of health pandemic coronavirus. However, five minutes before the scheduled 18.00 start of the action police has taken the decision to crackdown, because the number of participants quickly exceeded.

The authorities of Stockholm will close a field hospital at the exhibition center

The authorities of Stockholm took the decision to close a field hospital, organized at the exhibition centre Stockholmsmässan on the background of the situation with coronavirus since it never came in handy, said during a press conference on Thursday the head of the healthcare Department of the region of Stockholm björn Eriksson.

Eriksson stressed that the closure of the hospital cannot be taken as a signal that the situation is back to normal: "the closure of the hospital does not mean that we can relax. Rather, we should more closely follow the recommendations of the Agency of health care and to maintain discipline".

In Stockholm was held to protest against police violence in the United States

Several thousand people in the centre of Stockholm took part in a protest against police violence in the United States, were recorded clashes of protesters with the police.

The main action took place between 18.00 and 20.00 local time at the Central square proud Sergelstorg. After that, the protesters split into groups and went to different parts of the city. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, the protesters staged a skirmish with the police at the metro station "T-Central", the guards used pepper spray.

Gazprom appealed the court's decision on reducing gas prices, stated in Poland

The Polish gas company PGNiG reported that "Gazprom" appealed the decision of the Stockholm arbitration about reducing gas prices.

"The management Board of PGNiG reports that 2 Jun 2020 adopted information about filing defendant ("Gazprom") in the court of appeal in Stockholm of the complaint about cancellation of the decision dated March 30, 2020 in the arbitration proceedings against PGNiG Gazprom in reducing contract prices for gas supplied by "Gazprom", - stated in the message.