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In the United States are studying possible measures against TikTok

The US President Donald trump said that us authorities are studying possible measures against Chinese social network TikTok.

"We are studying TikTok," said trump to journalists, answering a question on possible action against the social network because of its relationship with the Chinese authorities.

USA plan to allocate to support the economy even a trillion dollars

The Republicans propose to spend to support the economy one trillion dollars, said the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin live on Fox News.

"Inside the package of 1 trillion dollars is most important and urgent things," said Mnuchin.

Media: trade talks China and the United States could be held in August

China and the US in August to conduct trade negotiations, to evaluate the implementation process concluded in January the first part of the bargain, reports the newspaper South China Morning Post, citing an informed source.

Officially, Beijing and Washington continue to insist on willingness to fulfill the obligations under the trade agreement, but relations between them strained on a number of issues.

The US has hailed the sanctions policy of the UK

The United States welcomes the independent sanctions regime of the United Kingdom for human rights violations, said on Monday the Minister of Finance of the United States Steven Mnuchin.

"The United States welcomes the established global sanctions regime for violation of human rights, which strengthens fight against the violation of human rights in the world. Use of the two countries on these important instruments vital for the prosecution of unscrupulous players for their actions," he wrote in his Twitter account.

American top economist: "In 2021 coming collapse of the dollar"

"Coronavirus crisis" and mass riots that have already led to material damage in the billions of dollars, as well as image damage is impossible to measure in money forced the American expert community to look at US with different eyes. Not admiring eyes of a teenager, a professional propagandist or naive spectator of the old Hollywood Thriller, which it is known beforehand that in the end America will win and evil (that is, those who are opposed to Washington's) will be severely punished, and the eyes of the doctors watching attack of a serious illness.

Both of these estimates are likely very far from the truth, and their supporters, you can (and should) be suspected of a certain bias, but more interesting to analyze the opinion of the representative of the elite, which offers not so much a "treatment", as indicates the possibility of acute of all American problems due to the fact that at stake is not only American democracy and the image of a world hegemon, but also the very Foundation of the American welfare state: the United States dollar.