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"Vedomosti" will release room with a banner in support Safronova

"Vedomosti" in the next issue will publish a banner in support of the suspected of treason ex-journalist, adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov, RIA Novosti editorial publication Director Yury Katsman.

Lefortovo court of Moscow on Tuesday at the request of the investigation, the FSB arrested prior to September 6, Safronova, who Roscosmos worked in the "Vedomosti" and "Kommersant", the meeting was held behind closed doors due to the fact that the case file contained classified information.

"Vedomosti" demanded an impartial consideration of the case Safronova

Vedomosti made a demand to all the circumstances of the detained former journalist Ivan Safronov, who worked in publishing, "was reviewed impartially and with strict adherence to the law," reads the statement of the publisher.

"We know not what it is, nor even of Ivan, or what in fact there is evidence. But we do know Ivan as one of the best journalists of Russia, an honest reporter and a true friend. He is a patriot of his country," - said in a statement.

Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev

Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev, a former head of the online edition of the RBC, said the editor of media Ksenia Balicka.

"Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev. Before was IT the RBC, then headed the online edition of the RBC, and the last few years working in the Rambler," wrote Bolarka in his Telegram channel.

Five Vice-chief editor of "Vedomosti" quit the newspaper in protest

Five Vice-chief editor of "Vedomosti" away from the newspaper in protest against the appointment of the editor-in-chief Andrew Shmarova, a statement published on the newspaper's website.

Previously, the Board of Directors "Business news media", the publisher "Sheets", recommended the appointment of editor-in-chief Shmarova, which is opposed by the collective of the edition.

Wolin spoke about the possible options for resolution of the conflict in the "Gazette"

Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin, commenting on the conflict in the newspaper "Vedomosti", stated that the situation where the owner of the publication shall appoint the editor, and the staff does not accept it, should result in immediate dismissal of dissenting journalists who do not comply with the instructions of the manual.

If between the chief editor and its journalists is a conflict, this conflict, according to Volin, there are two solutions. The first editor - in-chief, who is the employer, "expel from work those employees who refuse to obey him and enter with him into conflict." Second – if the editor is not the owner of the newspaper, the owner of the publication "may dismiss editor-in-chief and appoint someone who will not conflict with people".

The publisher announced the closure of the sale, "Vedomosti"

The sale of "Statements" is closed, the buyer is JSC "SUPPORT", reported Friday RIA Novosti, the publisher Gleb Prozorov.

On the eve on the website of the "Vedomosti" reported that the JSC "SUPPORT" is controlled by the founder of the "FederalPress" Ivan Eremin and publisher of the newspaper "Version" Konstantin Zyatkov, information was given with reference to the interlocutors.