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Experts have proven the legality of the processing of depleted uranium in Russia

Depleted uranium hexafluoride (ollu) does not apply to radioactive waste, and is a valuable raw material necessary for the development of not only nuclear energy but also other industries, its processing in Russia is legal, safe, and expedient – such evidential conclusion is contained in the joint report of the Commission on ecology of the Public Council of Rosatom state Corporation, environmental and legal center "Bellona".

The presentation took place on Wednesday via videoconference. The report is available at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Rosatom plans to open a production of "nuclear bullets" for cancer treatment

Specialists of the Russian nuclear industry began the practical implementation of the project on creation in Russia of a modern plant for the production of radiopharmaceutical drugs for the targeted treatment of various forms of cancer, reported the press service of the designer of the future production of JSC "Central design and technological Institute" (tisc, includes fuel company of Rosatom TVEL).

We are talking about the creation of the production of radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with international standards for production and quality control of pharmaceuticals GMP (good manufacturing practice). The plant will be built on the premises of Rosatom "Scientific research physics and chemical Institute named Karpov" in Obninsk (Kaluga region). "The launch is planned for 2024," - said in the message.

COVID-19 did not change the plans of "Rosatom" for the production of fuel for nuclear power plants of the future

The situation with coronavirus infection has not violated the terms of the enterprise of Rosatom state Corporation "Mining and chemical combine" (MCC, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai) for the industrial production of so-called mixed oxide uranium-plutonium MOX-fuel is planned to be used in the nuclear energy future, reported the press service of the MCC.

According to the report, in the first half of this year, despite COVID-19, "all production plans are achieved". "It is particularly important that the plant fuel fabrication did a half for the production of fuel assemblies of MOX fuel", - is spoken in the message.

Rosatom plans to start mining uranium at a new field in Buryatia

Uranium mining company Khiagda (included in the mining division of Rosatom state Corporation holding ARMZ) plans in 2023 to begin uranium mining at Wybranska Deposit in Buryatia, the Agency has coordinated a technical project of field development, reported the press service of "Heidi".

"Construction of the infrastructure and prepare the field for development is scheduled for 2022, the start of mining operations on 2023", - stated in the message.

Became known the approximate cost of a launch from Sea launch

The cost of one launch of the carrier rocket from the cosmodrome "Sea launch" is estimated to be worth 3.8 to 5 billion rubles, according to the materials of the experts of "Rosatom", compiled by courtesy of "Roscosmos" data that was read by RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported about the possible purchase of a complex of the state Corporation "Rosatom".

Rosatom is preparing tests of a prototype plasma rocket engine

Enterprise of Rosatom state Corporation "State research center of Russian Federation "Troitsk Institute of innovative and thermonuclear research" (TRINITY) ordered work on the selection of equipment for testing of the prototype space plasma rocket engine, to be of open materials on the procurement website.

Plasma engine — a kind of electric rocket engine (ERD), the consumable substance which is accelerated in the plasma state (ionized gas). Unlike liquid engines, the systems are not designed for output loads into orbit, because they can only work in a vacuum and are now used, for example, to keep the satellites on the so-called point of standing. In addition, by reducing the reserves of the working fluid at a relatively high speed of expiration, they are considered as a possible way to make fast space travel.

"Rosatom" has ordered tests of new generation engines for space

Laboratory models of new, so-called ion and hall thruster engines for space are scheduled to pass this year at the request of the enterprise of Rosatom "State research center of Russian Federation "Troitsk Institute of innovative and thermonuclear research" (TRINITY), which was organized tenders, should open materials on the procurement website.

As noted in the specifications for this work, in many countries the problems of creation of automatic and manned interplanetary vehicles with electric rocket propulsion systems (EPS) high power (over 100 kW). At the present time, there is a practical development on nuclear reactors for space-based megawatt class, which can provide the energy these engines are recalled in the terms of reference. Ordered TRINITY's work is aimed at creating laboratory models of ion and hall thruster engine of new generation with improved characteristics, which will be the basis for creating a clustered ERD high power.

The state of the quantum computer project of "Rosatom" to cut will not be

Parameters and sources of annual funding for a large-scale project of the state Corporation "Rosatom" on creation of domestic quantum computer agreed in full, approval of the relevant road map is expected in July of this year, told RIA Novosti in the Department of communications of "Rosatom".

Earlier, the Ministry of communications has proposed to halve the amount of state support direction of "Quantum computing" in 2020, transferring the funds to 2022. In early June, Rosatom sent a core working group ANO "Digital economy" opinion, which stated that this reduction will lead to what to create in Russia a 100-Kubany quantum computer by 2024 will not happen - that in 2020 we need to buy laboratory equipment to perform any further work.

"Rosenergoatom" has denied the information of Ukrainian mass media about the incident at Leningrad NPP

Concern Rosenergoatom (the operator of all nuclear power plants in Russia, included in the state Corporation "Rosatom") denied reports by several foreign media, including the Ukrainian, about the incident at unit 2 of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

According to these publications, supposedly last Saturday in the turbine building of the second unit of LNPP radioactive steam.

"Rosatom" has criticized the idea to reduce state support quantum computing

The proposal of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation to reduce by 50% of state funding for the development of quantum computing in 2020 may adversely affect plans to create a quantum computer by 2024, as the current year is planned to purchase equipment necessary to 4.7 billion rubles, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti the opinion of Rosatom.

The opinion of Rosatom was sent to the relevant working group ANO "Digital economy" on 3 June. He refers to the proposal of the Ministry on updating passports of the Federal project "Digital technology": the Agency is particularly proposes to reduce by 50% the amount of state support direction of "Quantum computing" in 2020, with the transfer of the funds in 2022.

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