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Russian Lisov has reported that the US closed the case against him

A Russian citizen Stanislav Lisov, who returned to Russia after served in the American prison on charges of cybercrime, reported that the case against him in the US closed claims from the authorities of this country to him there.

"Communication between me and the program that was allegedly hacked accounts, suspected by my servers. In fact, it was even suspected suspected. Before that I served the sites for the United States and Europe, I had a lot of clients, so theoretically, there somehow might be my name. Now the case is closed, no claims from the authorities to me, fortunately, no," - said Lisov in an interview with RT.

Convicted in USA programmer foxes flew to Moscow

The plane, which has previously registered Russian Stanislav Lisov, who served in the US sentence on charges of fraud, flew to Moscow from new York, reported at the JFK airport.

Previously, the press Secretary of the Russian Consulate in new York Alexey Topol's'ke told RIA Novosti that "the registration went as planned, and those who came to register was on Board."

Convicted in USA programmer foxes will fly to Russia

A citizen of Russia Stanislav Lisov, who served in the US sentence on charges of fraud on Tuesday needs to fly home from new York export flight of "Aeroflot" said RIA Novosti the Lisova lawyer Arkady Bukh.

"We said goodbye at the airport, aircraft should fly to 6 PM... If no surprises we are not satisfied with any of these services at the time of boarding, and is although rare, but it happens, I hope that everything will be fine," said Boo.

Convicted in the United States Lisov may return to Moscow next week

Convicted in the U.S. of Russian citizen Stanislav Lisov may return to Moscow next week, RIA news Lisova lawyer Arkady Bukh.

"We were going next week to see him in Moscow and to raise a glass to his health through the Zoom with the Lord of lisovy and his wife," said Boo.