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"Reporters without borders" condemned the situation with RT and Sputnik in Latvia and Lithuania

International organization "reporters without borders" (RSF) expressed concern about the actions of Latvia and Lithuania in relation to RT and Sputnik, calling it an abuse of the sanctions policy of the EU.

"Although it is legal to protect and promote independent and reliable news coverage, RSF considers the closure as an abuse of the sanctions policy of the EU. The ban or the closure of media outlets is not part of the sanctions taken against (the General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry) Kiselev," - said in a statement RSF.

In SF ask to impose sanctions against the authorities of the Baltic States for RT and Sputnik

The Federation Council urged the foreign Ministry and other Executive authorities to impose sanctions against the authorities of the Baltic countries because of the situation with RT and Sputnik.

We are talking about the leadership of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which "grossly violated the principles of freedom of speech and dissemination of information, as well as its obligations to international organizations."

The Embassy responded to the accusations of German espionage against Russia

Embassy of Russia in Germany drew attention to the "anti-Russian passages" in the report on the work of the operatives, informed the head of the German interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer.

They added that what is happening is not conducive to the positive development of bilateral relations.

In Germany evaluated the influence of Pro-Russian Deutsch RT and Sputnik

Russian media RT Deutsch and Sputnik play a Central role in the provision of Pro-Russian influence in Germany, said the report of interior Ministry of Germany about the work of counterintelligence (BfV, Federal office for the protection of the Constitution) in 2019.

The document stresses that the Russian side "propaganda and actions to influence, including misinformation different groups of addressees" in Germany are engaged in "do not have the structure of secret services". It is including about "some people who mean the Pro-Russian position, allegedly non-governmental associations and the state structures of Russia". These agents of influence "working in social media and discussion sites, and conduct our own sites or act as a supposedly non-state expert centers," the report said.

American Institute assessed the role of Sputnik in the coverage of events in Africa

American foreign policy research Institute (FPRI) involved in the analysis of political problems and security issues, praised the role of Russia and the Russian media, including the Agency Sputnik, in light of the events in the horn of Africa region.

Speaking about the role of the Russian media, the researchers noted that the Agency Sputnik and RT focus on the positive news from the African continent, udelat attention to the development of social networks and the use of their materials to local media. This, according to analysts, strengthens the influence of the Russian "information war" against the United States.

The OSCE representative reported on the action if you are discriminated against Sputnik

The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir, the report on the activities of his office were told about the cases of discrimination against journalists, the Agency Sputnik that required his response.

Report on the activities of the office for the period from November 21, 2019 July 2, 2020 And presented at the OSCE permanent Council.

Oxford experts noted the high response to Sputnik and RT in Europe

The experts of the Oxford Internet Institute believe that the Russian media such as RT and Sputnik, along with the Chinese, Iranian and Turkish state media, called social media response, sometimes exceeds the response of the audience is known to European publications.

"During a three-week study, we found that most of the government-sponsored media from China, Iran, Russia and Turkey, generating the content in French, German and Spanish that reach tens of millions of users of social networks worldwide, albeit using less of the distribution system than the major media in these languages

The head of the Russian Union of journalists criticized the marking of state media in Facebook

The marking of state media on Facebook is a violation of the freedom of information and political censorship, told RIA Novosti the head of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov.

It was reported that the American company Facebook starting June 4, to mark the pages of the media corporations that are wholly or partly under the control of the authorities. The social network will assign the markings of the Russian Sputnik, the Iranian Press TV and the Chinese Xinhua News. The initial labeling on the website will receive 200 pages. Thus, as stated by the head of cyber security policy of Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook does not flag the American media, "because even the state media in the country have editorial independence."

The foreign Ministry condemned the police brutality against the producer of Sputnik in the United States

Moscow considers deliberately ill-treatment by police of producer Sputnik in Washington Nicole Russell while covering protests at the walls of the White house as an unfriendly move by the United States and a flagrant violation of the United States of its international obligations to ensure the safety of journalists, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

"Despite presenting a press card and repeated verbal assurances Nicole Russell on belonging to the media reporter was fired upon by rubber bullets, including with the use of special grenades to disperse the demonstrators. As a result, the producer Sputnik suffered multiple injuries, including gunshot wounds. However, this American "servants law" is not stopped: one of the officers threw the journalist to the ground and literally trampled her," - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Kiselyov: a police officer shot and killed the producer of Sputnik in the United States

A policeman, injured on Tuesday in Washington a producer Sputnik Nicole Russell, who was covering protests at the White house, shot her to kill, told RIA Novosti the General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry Kiselev, called to investigate each case of lawlessness on the part of the American authorities against the representatives of the press.

"Producer Sputnik Nicole Russell told how it was with her: police sighting shot in her defeat, after she showed him the press card and shouted that she was press, after it, removing the riots at the White house, fell and got up. Still shot. Even the rule "lying is not beaten" is not valid for the American police. Of course, he will remain unpunished, and again fired at the journalist. We were lucky that Nicole is alive, a rubber bullet to defeat close range and can kill," – said Kiselev.

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