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Spain declared control over the situation with coronavirus in the country

The situation with coronavirus in Spain at the moment is under control, new outbreaks are identified in time, it follows from the common message of the ministries of health and foreign Affairs after the announcement of the UK on the resumption of 14-day quarantine for visitors from Spain.

Earlier it was reported that the British government has ruled out Spain, where in recent years the situation has deteriorated with a coronavirus, from a list of countries, upon arrival of which do not need to undergo 14-day quarantine.

Venezuela accused the Embassy of Spain in preparing a sea invasion

Marine invasion of Venezuela, which failed to prevent the may 3, was prepared by the opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, a fugitive from justice in the Spanish Embassy in Caracas, said the Minister of communications of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez.

"All the elements of planning, which led to an armed military invasion was planned at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain in Caracas," - said Rodriguez, speaking at the residence of the government.

Ukraine has demanded from the Spanish TV company to fix the map with the Crimea

Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid asked the Spanish foreign Ministry and local television and radio company RTVE with the requirement to correct a map on which the Crimea marked as Russian territory. This was reported in Facebook by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine dzheppar.

"Ukraine's foreign Ministry continues to "teach" the geography of foreign media. At this time, the Spanish broadcaster RTVE, which has published an infographic about the spread of COVID-19