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SpaceX canceled the launch of the tenth batch of satellites Starlink

The launch of Falcon 9 with a group of Internet-satellites Starlink, which was scheduled for Saturday, is cancelled again, the company said SpaceX.

"Cancel today's launch of the tenth mission Starlink to give more time to check

The grandson of Sergei Korolev told about the phone call Elon musk

The grandson of a Russian academician and the rocket scientists Sergey Korolyov Andrey told about a conversation with American businessman Elon Musk.

Informed about contacts with the family of a Soviet designer said in his Twitter himself, Elon Musk. The details of the conversation he had not.

Cosmonaut Ivanishin visited the ship Crew Dragon

Three American astronauts and Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, located on the International space station, spent an hour inside the spacecraft Crew Dragon, Elon musk, to evaluate its comfort, said NASA.

The spacecraft Crew Dragon with a crew of two flew to the ISS in late may. This is his first manned test flight is expected to last until early August.

NASA Boeing indicated at 81 problem after the failed launch Cockpit

NASA has identified more than 80 problems requiring revision in the created by Boeing piloted spaceship Cockpit, the date of his re test flight is still not defined, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

In December 2019, the ship Cockpit made its first test flight without a crew. For technical reasons, its docking with the ISS was cancelled. A few months later, after a failed test, the Deputy head of NASA for manned spaceflight Douglas Loverro said that the results of its first unmanned flight Starliner experts have identified more than 60 of the issues. He noted that the ship could double to lose.

Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts will return to Earth in August

The Dragon Crew vehicle, delivering to the International space station two NASA astronauts in may, will return to Earth in early August, said at a press briefing, Deputy program Manager commercial flights NASA Stephen Stich.

"We plan to return in early August... at the earliest – 2 - August," said Stich.

Musk commented on the article Rogozin about the importance of flight Crew Dragon

The founder of SpaceX Elon Musk commented on the article the General Director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, dedicated to the flight of an American spacecraft Crew Dragon crew to the International space station.

Rogozin on 8 June published on the website of the Forbes article titled "It's their war, not ours", in which he spoke about the value of the first nine years of American manned spaceflight for the Russian space industry. English translation of the material was published on the website of Roskosmos June 10. He was brought in his Twitter journalist Eric Berger.

An American expert has compared the SpaceX spacesuit with Russian "the Falcon"

The American expert explained why fashion suit SpaceX is not suitable for flight on the Russian Soyuz and compared it with the Russian "the Falcon". About the distinctive features of the American novelties RIA Novosti said Professor North Dakota state University Pablo De Leon (Pablo de León).

The expert stressed that the suits that made its first flight on Crew Dragon astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken as the Russian "Sokol", as well as blue suits Boeing, designed to fly the ship Cockpit developed exclusively for use on Board the spacecraft and is only required to protect the astronauts in case of emergency depressurization of the ship.

For flight to the ISS on the ship the Mask chose the first tourists

The first three tourists to fly to the International space station Crew on the ship Dragon company SpaceX Elon musk is selected, they will be announced in a month, reported CNBC, citing Executive Director of the company Axiom Space Michael Suffredini.

In March, Axiom Space has ordered from SpaceX Crew Dragon flight to the ISS with a crew of professional commander and three tourists in the second half of 2021.

The expert told how Russia helped Mask the ship to dock with the ISS

The company SpaceX Elon musk has used in his spacecraft Crew Dragon Russian components, which have provided a successful automatic docking with the station, told RIA Novosti expert in the field of cosmonautics in Russia, Vadim Lukashevich.

He noted that thanks to this Crew Dragon can dock to the Russian segment.

The expert explained why Musk did not Russian Crew Dragon

US in the person of Elon musk do not go to the Russian way of separate launches of cargo and humans into space, and use their own schema, said RIA Novosti member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky, chief analyst of the Association "Digital transport and logistics" Andrei Ionin.

Previously the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel wrote that Musk and his SpaceX has adopted the concept of separate delivery of people and cargo into space from the Russians. As notes the edition, in the new concept of States provided by the division of transportation of people and materials, as this is the first made in the Soviet Union, and not joint, as in the days of the Space shuttle.

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